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A few months ago I asked Davide Seidita, president of the Le Strade del Gusto Cultural Association to reserve me 10 places for the ItalWines Expo Festival to be held in Treviso from 24 to 26 October 2015 to organize exactly 10 days before a real last minute competition between all the wine producers who intend to participate in the event ... at a unique price!

The modern and fascinating location of the event: BHR Hotel Treviso

The modern and fascinating location of the event: BHR Hotel Treviso

10 producers for 10 days is the title of my Last Minute. I asked Davide to leave me these 10 posts because so many times I happened to talk with friends about winemakers about marketing initiatives and I understood that there are 2 macro-realities:

  1. those who organize financial resources with structured marketing plans in the first days of the year and scrupulously follow what was decided in the first phase;
  2. who organizes last minute economic resources based on availability.

Personally, I believe both strategies are wrong, but at the same time right. The advice I can give you in resource management is to establish a budget at the beginning of the year! For example: suppose (to make an even count) you have € 10.000 to spend on marketing initiatives during the calendar year. The best thing is to immediately decide on the destination of half of this fund and reserve the other half just for last minute occasions. Why this? Not exceeding your economic budget is very important, but it is equally important not to miss opportunities that can change our lives… well… CARPE DIEM! 😉

ItalWines Expo Festival is above all an opportunity for wine producers to obtain quality B2B appointments with Italian and foreign distributors, thus opening up to markets in important nations such as the USA, Australia and South Africa.

Of course ItalWines Expo is also full of many other high-level events! The things I like most on the agenda are:

  • Saturday 24 October, 16 pm - Two Conferences presented by Andrea De Palma, sommelier and curator of the Espresso Guide, who will deal with the themes "Catering in the XNUMXst century: challenges and opportunities! " is"Wine Tourism: Why? The winning answer from wineries! "
  • Sunday 25 October, 16 pm - the ITALWINES TALENT Cooking-Show sponsored by FIC - ITALIAN COOKS FEDERATION;
  • Sunday 25 October, 19 pm - AIS president Antonello Maietta will preside over the charity tasting of prestigious bottles whose proceeds will be donated to the Lega del Filo d'oro;
  • Monday 26 October, 11.00 am - B2B of wine producers with foreign authorities and distributors.

All obviously crowned by free tastings or by reservation and wine exhibitors from all over Italy.

The event also boasts exceptional partners including Expo Milano 2015, the Italian Sommelier Association, the Treviso Chamber of Commerce… and is sponsored by the Veneto Region and the Municipality of Treviso.

italwines-stars-2015In short, as I told you, I asked Davide to leave me 10 free places - reserved for the wineries that follow Perlage Suite - to be booked at the last moment and at half price. A Last Minute opportunity that I want to offer to you, small or large producer, to conquer new corners of the world but, above all, that Italy that does not yet know you.

Find out more about the event HERE. And if you are interested in being among the 10 wineries that will be able to participate at 50% of the list price, write me immediately: this article will be online from 00:00 on 14 October 2015 and the possibility will be reserved only for the first 10 who, after having contacted to request information from my personal mail, I will confirm their membership.

What are you waiting for to enter the ItalWines Expo world?

I will be there!


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