Since I am always looking for inspirations for beautiful ones wine wedding or for a wine themed wedding, I decided to update one of the very first articles I wrote for this blog, which dates back to May 2015. Is there something boiling in the pot? For now I am not making statements! 🤐😇😁 What is certain is that the forced quarantine has inspired me some do it yourself with corks, but I'll show you those in the next articles!

Marriage is the chemical experiment in which two harmless substances combine and explode. "

If you are a wine lover and are trying to figure out how to organize your diVino wedding, I want to give you some ideas (some even really low cost) For organize a wine themed wedding very special ... with a vintage atmosphere of the Provencal countryside with attention to the smallest details. And if you don't have to get married ... well, read this article to the end anyway ... there are interesting ideas for your neighbor too wine party! Wine weddings have been a must in California for years, but finally the vineyard wedding are starting to take hold in Italy too! Before starting what do you say to buy this beautiful Moleskine wedding planner? In shops it is practically impossible to find… it is rarer than Max Mara's Whitney Bag !!! Here the link to buy it on Amazon taking advantage of free shipping!

Wine Wedding: dedicated to guests

Wine themed wedding invitations

The idea I like the most is to agree with a trusted wine cellar and have the guests deliver a bottle of wine with a personalized "save the date" label or with the addition of a perforated card to be attached with a ribbon at the neck of the bottle with all the details. However, I understand that if the number of guests is high it becomes a very expensive participation since the cost can be around € 15 and € 20 per bottle by choosing a good quality wine. What if we only did it for the most important guests?

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

A much cheaper alternative that I love is making an explosion box! The explosion box is a multi-level “magic box” that contains extraordinary collages! You can save and create a "do it yourself" or contact Pepilla to create a wine themed one that represents you! Look at this sushi themed show:

Finally, if you really don't want to give up the card, you don't want to spend too much or even go crazy, here is a nice and original alternative! 😍

Wine-themed wedding favors

Among all the possibilities there are three ideas that I particularly like! First of all, I like the idea of ​​choosing a good bottle, perhaps diversifying the purchase budget according to the type of guest:

  • Witnesses: € 75-150
  • Relative - parent: 50 - 100 €
  • Relative - brother: 50 €
  • Relative - uncle: 10 €
  • Relative - cousin: 7-10 €
  • Friend - fraternal: 50 €
  • Friend: 7-10 €
  • Colleague: 5-7 €
  • Acquaintance: € 5 (do you really need to invite him?)

If you have few guests I would not make these distinctions: a bottle of about € 15 per family for everyone except parents and witnesses who would take a more important bottle, with a budget to be quantified also with respect to the type of commitment required and the gifts they will offer to give you (for example wedding rings). The added value is to decorate it with apersonalized ceramic label which, if you wish, you can detach it after consuming the wine and keep it as a souvenir! 

The other two ideas that I really like are theCustomized ice bag and professional corkscrew. There is no problem of matching the furniture, they are everywhere and are very useful! An original, very cute and really low cost idea are the lights to put inside an empty wine bottle with batteries in the cap. and not only: they create an atmosphere and adapt to any home! 1 € each… it can be an addition to the bottle of wine or a favor in its own right to add to sugared almonds or other things! Personally I would add them to the wine bottle… I like the idea that they drink the wine and reuse the bottle as a home decor!

Wine Wedding: Tableau and table setting

Tableau de mariage


The bride of the trees gives us the idea of ​​a beautiful DIY for a centerpiece with corks highly effective, with dimensions to be modulated according to the size of the tables. Remember that the centerpiece must be present but never intrusive and must always allow guests to look at each other. In case of long tables make smaller centerpieces to be placed every 3/4 covered in length.

Cork stoppers placeholder

Well, I would say that I have given you a lot of ideas for today… soon I will show you other very original ideas for the wine-themed wedding cake and some tutorials to recycle the corks… since I imagine that you too have several at home!

Cheers ????


Thanks for the cover photo BlueBlandPhotography / Jose Villa Photographer.

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