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Wine searcher (or winesearcher) is the online wine search engine which, thanks to daily news and the wine encyclopedia service, has managed to establish itself as a point of reference for sector operators, sommeliers and wine lovers. Wine Searcher has a database of over 13 million labels surveyed around the world, between wine producers and distributors. This database is dynamic, meaning it grows daily and you too can add the wines you process or distribute through this form.

One thing I particularly like is the quality control which, although obviously having limits on volumes of this type, is carried out every day both manually and with the aid of automatic procedures. The goal of this monitoring is to remove out-of-date, incorrect or misleading prices so that the user can locate and buy the wine he is interested in at the best possible price.

However a platform like Wine Searcher is extremely expensive and therefore requires sponsors to be supported. For this there is a service on two levels:

  • Wine Searcher for free = you can search for any wine, but the search is effective if and only if the wine is not in a sponsor's list. What does it mean? If the wine you are looking for is not proposed by any sponsor you will actually see all the results of your search, but if the wine you are looking for is proposed by a sponsor all the non-paying results will be obscured. In the case of a wine present in the list of several sponsors, these results will all be visible. However, the sponsors' results may not be the best for you, therefore I advise you not to use Wine Searcher for free if you are an enthusiast who buys a lot of wine every year or if you are a Ho.Re.Ca operator.
  • Wine Searcher PRO packaged annual subscription of 78€ = you can search for any wine and see all the results, even of the actors who have not paid. You also have three exceptional services at your disposal if you are a professional. (1) You can monitor price trends for 5 years so you know the best vintages, when to buy or when to sell and when a vintage runs out. (2) You can set up to 250 price alerts to find the best deals. (3) You can look for a wine near you or in any store in the world. Another very interesting function of the PRO version is the ability to calculate the updated sales value of your cellar (maximum 250 references). To subscribe to Wine Searcher PRO you can visit This Page.

If, on the other hand, you have an online wine shop, you can become a Wine Searcher sponsor by choosing the monthly plan that best suits the size of your business or based on the number of products you sell by visiting this other page. Now how about giving it a try with the form below?

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In the picture Martin Brown the founder of Wine Searcher.

martin brown wine searcher

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