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500 bolle in 500 | Sparkling Wine Guide

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The best 500 italian Sparkling Wines described in 360 colourful pages.

Binding: Paperback with high resistance polyurethanic Glue
Pages 360 + cover
Format: 29,7 x 13,2 cm
Cover: 350 g Opaque, coated Paper, opaque plastic-coated
Internal pages: Opaque coated paper 115 g
Package: one per envelope

Publication: December 2017
ISBN: 978-88-943070-0-9
Price: 25,30 €
Price for reviewed Wine producer: 20,00 €

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We always wanted a Sparkling wine-Guide written and customized for wineloversA book so captivating that you can well imagine you’re actually tasting what you are reading about! Easy to consultate, without milions of symbols to learn. Light enough to be carried in your luggage or rucksack as well! And so smart designed to answer about any question you’d have about a certain Wine such as the time spent on the yeasts or the residual sugar. With 500 bolle in 500 that dream has become true! It has everything you ask a Sparkling Wine Guide, The best 500 italian Sparkling Wines described in 360 colourful pagesand much more!


500 bolle in 500 | Sparkling Wine Guide – Facts/Curiosity:

  • This Guide is inspired by the first Fiat 500 built in 1957
  • The Format – 1/10 of the first 500C: 29,7 x 13,2 (the car measured 2,97 x 1,32 mt)
  • The Price – 1/10 of the first 500C: the guide cost 25,3 € while the was sold at 490’000 ₤ i.e. 253 €

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 850 g
Dimensioni 297 × 132 × 22 mm

First Edition 2018 [COLLECTION – Italian only], Second Edition 2019 [Italian + English version]


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