They are at Duisburgto theHotel Landhaus Milser, to the presentation of wines of the world-famous footballer Andrea Pirlo. With the premise that football and I have nothing to do with each other (but I strangely followed the 2006 World Cup as well) and that I found out yesterday which team Andrea Pirlo played for, today I ask you, if you are a fan of another team, to make a little effort and just talk about wine. After all, if you read me here on the blog, I'm sure you love wine and maybe you are even curious to know what his wines are like! This premise to tell you that my judgement will be absolutely impartial and sincere and as always you can trust me! 😋


(Nice menu graphics, isn't it? Modestly, I made them! 😁) This is an event reserved for German wine professionals who have flocked from all over Germany to taste Andrea Pirlo's wines. Needless to say, Andrea is a driving force behind everything thanks to the fame he has earned in the field. His name and image are able to involve millions of people and the event sold out in no time. In fact, there was a real over booking, because from the initial forty or so guests, the list closed to 100 people and today the phone at the Hotel Landhaus Milser was literally buzzing with restaurateurs from all over Germany wanting the chance to meet Andrea and taste his wines tonight.


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There are five wines that Andrea Pirlo produces today, but he told me in advance that his classic method sparkling wine will be released next year and that it will be the best of all. Andrea Pirlo is also ambitious in the world of wine, and this is a quality I greatly appreciate because it is only with ambition, seasoned with a lot of will, that one can achieve great things.


He chose to buy a company in Flero, in the province of Bresciain the land where he was born. In that same land where he helped his father and grandfather harvest grapes as a child. As in a perfect cycle of life, Andrea returned home when he left the world of football to bring out something really good from here too.

And now it is time to introduce the wines, and I will do so by following the proposed pairings step by step.

Andrea Pirlo Pratum Coller wines: Nitor, wine White | matching selection of cheeses, Grana Padano 24 months, Morgan's Giardiniera


Produced from Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana grapes 100%. It is a crystalline straw yellow, fairly consistent. To the nose it is fine and delicatenotes of apricot, pear, honey and linden blossom can be recognised with a cocoa butter finish. In the mouth it is consistent, soft, but also very tasty and increases salivation. Rather long and endowed with good drinkability. For my taste, it is not suitable with cheeses that are too savoury and sapid because it only increases this perception. In these cases a pairing by contrast is preferable, so better to opt for the crustaceans which have a pronounced sweet tendency, or a ham such as the delicious one proposed with the next wine.

Andrea Pirlo Pratum Coller wines: Eos, wine rosé 2016 | matching selection of sliced meats: Zia, Prosciutto Crudo 24 months Piotosini, Carne Salata


From grapes sangiovese 100%. It comes in a beautiful colour bright onion skin pink. The nose is very elegant, intense but not 'overpowering'. One recognises notes of cherry, vanilla and pink pepper that fade into a finish of oregano flowers. In the mouth it is consistent, goes down velvety and confirms the same perception of elegance found on the nose, with a barely noticeable savouriness. Exceptional drinkability. Its strength is the flexibility in combination possibilitieswhich make it a perfect joker for every restaurateur, but also for every customer. I tried it with meat from lamb the evening before at the Restaurant Waldhaus Bochum and it was perfect, with the salt cod and the cream of peas lunch and once again it was perfect, with a first course of ravioli filled with pesto with tomato cream and crayfish and here, too, it was spot on... and with the cold cuts proposed during the evening also went very well with it. It may be that I am from Romagna and Sangiovese flows in me instead of blood, but of all is the wine I liked best! And I adore still rosé wines and sparkling rosé wines... I could open up a world and talk about it for hours!

Andrea Pirlo Pratum Coller wines: Marzi, wine Red | in combination with saffron and liquorice risotto


From grapes marzemino 100%. Semi-transparent ruby reddiscreetly consistent. On the nose intense scents of spicesparticularly black pepper and cloves. Marasca cherry is also distinctly recognisable and a balsamic note. In the mouth is intense, more shifted to hardness, but still with a vocation for softness (it still needs some bottle ageing to balance out). Beautiful acidity and tannins that are still a little green. It should be left to decant for at least an hour to allow it to express itself fully. When I read about this pairing on the menu, I must say that it left me a little perplexed. I was well aware that saffron and liquorice go wonderfully together because one of my favourite panettone cakes by Dario Loison has exactly these flavours, but I was not convinced about the wine pairing.


Well, I can tell you that I was absolutely wrong, it was a orgasmic combination of flavours on a level you can't imagine. The risotto was delicious, with a distinctly sweet tendency and a good aromaticity that muted the harshness of the marzemino and brought out its strengths. To be tried again at home, in the hope of living up to Chef Roberto's standards!

Andrea Pirlo Pratum Coller wines: Arduous, wine Red Reserve | paired with roast beef cheek with mashed potatoes


From grapes cabernet sauvignon, merlot e syrah. Deep ruby redby swirling the glass, it forms very regular arches that hint at a high alcohol content. The nose is intense and elegant, very fine. They stand out hints of undergrowth, cherries in spirit, cinnamon e truffle. In the mouth is consistent, very elegant, equipped with great acidity which suggests a good ageing potentialbut already very balanced. Long at the end. A very good combination, the cheek was very tender (not buttery though), although I would have liked a thicker, less brothy sauce. Overall, it is definitely, from a technical point of view, the estate's most successful wine. It also has a excellent drinkabilityThat's why I really liked it. Talking to the people present at the evening, I would say that it is also Andrea Pirlo's wine that met with the most approval.

Andrea Pirlo Pratum Coller wines: Monos, wine White Passito | matching cantucci tasting - almond, chocolate, pistachio - and artisanal panettone with ice cream


From grapes petit manseng 80% and pinot blanc 20%. Straw yellow crystalline. The nose surprises with some hydrocarbons that you would expect to find in a riesling from Moselle and certainly not in a passito from Brescia and that fade into a hint of fig. In the mouth it is consistent, fresh and smooth with a pleasant bitter finish. If you swirl the glass a little, you get a strong hint of dieseland to let it express itself it is best to pour it and wait a while to drink it. In fact, at first tasting it did not convince me at all, but by waiting and letting the temperature rise I enjoyed it very much. That is why I absolutely recommend serving it at least at 16 °C: the strength of this wine is its nose and to serve it cold is to kill it. Ah, the panettone was really delicious!

In short, as you can guess the wines of Andrea Pirlo Overall, I liked them, with three high notes: the rosé, the riserva and the passito. Now I'm really curious to taste the sparkling wine he said he had in the pipeline... Ah, then there was the surprise ice cream cake with Elio Cotali's ice cream... he liked to win easily with me, thanks to the pistachio base... I I love pistachio! The cake then was not only beautiful, but it was really delicious and not too 'creamy' like some ice cream cakes! I would eat a slice even now....

Finally I would like to congratulate all the staff at Hotel Landhaus Milser for the way he conducted the evening. The hall was beautifulfurnished and laid out really well. The friendly and impeccable waiterstrained to perfection. A sign that in this establishment you can do events with your eyes closed with the certainty of making a good impression. The director Bruno Strati was omnipresent to make sure everything was perfect and the owner Antonio Pelle... well he's such an extraordinary man that I've decided I'll do another article tomorrow: I want to give you at least 5 good reasons to stay at the Hotel Landhaus Milser! 😁

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think: Feel like tasting the wines of Andrea Pirlo - Pratum Coller? Have I intrigued you? If you like, write it in a comment 😍

Cheers 🍷


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