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Sono Chiara Bassi, author of Perlage Suite: Wine Blog Italian dedicated to wine, in particular to the didactics for sommeliers and sparkling wines. Here you will find the best strategies to learn a sell your wine in Italy and abroad, the notes to pass the AIS exam and become a sommelier and my personal opinions on wine events, wineries and the most interesting wines in the world.

Chiara Bassi

AIS Sommelier & Food Critic

Wine blog thousandth blog awards winner

Phrases about wine

The most beautiful phrases, quotations, aphorisms about wine!

Does this wine taste like a cork?

My 3 simple tricks to have no doubts!

Gifts for winelover

Be inspired by my wine-themed gifts!

This wine blog is dedicated to those who follow a sommelier course and is looking for some sommelier notes pdf to consult in print, which I am happy to have collected in this book which has sold thousands of copies and garnered tons of rave reviews from aspiring sommeliers and winelovers. 😍

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