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How is beer made? [Summary] Production in 12 steps.

As I told you yesterday, this penultimate week of October is officially my beer festival, with 7 articles dedicated to the production of this drink capable of weaving a thread ...

How is beer made? Let's start with the ingredients!

Since Oktoberfest 2020, the largest and most famous beer festival in the world, was also canceled due to Coronavirus, I decided to dedicate a whole week to this fabulous drink ...

Milan Wine Week 2020: 3 Partesa wines that are worth adding to your restaurant's menu

Creating a restaurant's wine list is a real challenge because there are many factors that come into play. The most common mistake is to insert wines according to your personal taste without ...

Italian wine labeling: how to read the label

Italian wine labeling is a complex world made up of a set of mandatory or optional indications that change according to the classification of the wine. For this the information that ...

Podere Marcampo: wine tasting and restaurant in Volterra

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that Tuscan wines are a legend, but this time I want to tell you about a company in Volterra, a wonderful area that I hadn't yet explored. When my ...

Milan Wine Week 2020: Lugana Masterclass

Last night I was a guest of the Masterclass "Il Lugana yesterday, today and tomorrow" organized by the Lugana Consortium within the Milan Wine Week at the splendid Palazzo Bovara which also has the ...

There are Chiara Bassi, author of Perlage Suite: the Wine Blog Italian dedicated to wine, in particular to the teaching for aspiring sommeliers and ai sparkling wines.

Here you will find the best strategies to learn how to sell your wine in Italy and abroad, the notes to pass the AIS exam and become a sommelier and my personal opinions on wine events, wineries and the most interesting wines in Italy and Europe.

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"Wine is one of the greatest signs of civilization in the world."

Ernest Hemingway

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