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All my notes on wine and food in one book

The handbook is designed for all aspiring sommeliers, but is also very useful for 'already sommeliers' who want to brush up, for winelovers who want to start putting their passion on a firm footing, and for professionals who want to earn more money by learning both how to manage their restaurant cellar and how to sell the right bottle to their customers.

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Chiara Bassi

I was born on 8 May 1985 in Faenza (RA), a city famous for its artistic ceramics, Sangiovese wine, and piadina romagnola. Artistic maturity in Ravenna and then a first course of study (at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna) and work (in a famous architectural firm in Ravenna) in Construction Engineering, which lasted over 10 years. Already an AIS Sommelier, in 'adulthood' I graduated with honours in Food and Wine Sciences, Cultures and Policies and specialised in food and wine journalism at Luiss Guido Carli in Rome.

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Remember: one's achievements in life are not a matter of luck. To imply this is to believe that we are in the hands of luck. Luck exists, but it is only that which determined our starting conditions, our advantage or disadvantage before we even started our game. Wherever you are today, you are mainly responsible for it. Think about it: your every action is cause and effect of what you are and what you will be. This is not only extraordinary, but also a great consolation. In a metaphor, your life is a car that you drive and you always decide its course. The car you drive - type, model, options... - and the road - highway, back road, mule track... - can always change. At any given moment there is always another choice you can make. Unless you consider where you are now the most satisfying of all possible places... don't stop!

- Chiara Bassi

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Sommelier: an illustrated handbook

All my notes on wine and food in a single book.

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The manual is designed for all aspiring sommeliers, but it is also very useful for "already sommeliers" who want to brush up, for wine lovers who want to start giving concrete foundations to their passion and for sector operators who want to earn more by learning both to manage the cellar of their restaurant and to sell the right bottle to their customers.

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