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Quiche Lorraine: original recipe directly from Bordeaux

Yesterday I took the History of Enogastronomy exam and I got 30 and praise! I studied a lot also because it is my favorite subject and the course - held by the good Francesca Romana Barberini ...

How is classic method sparkling wine made?

Although I would like to present to you immediately a beautiful and important news of Perlage Suite, tomorrow I have the History of Enogastronomy exam (do you remember that since I am no longer around as the first cause ...

Violence against women: a woman's reflection

I promised myself to finish this article on Sunday because I am currently studying for the History of Enogastronomy exam (give me a good "good luck", I have the exam on January 14th!), However ...

Savory potato and bacon pie: easy recipe and super pairing!

In my article "Women of wine and criticism: you really broke my ... breadsticks!" (which reached 5.000 visitors in a single day) I told you how heartbroken I was waiting ...

Women of wine and critics: you really broke my… breadsticks!

Before saying anything, as my dear professor of literature at the artistic high school Giovanni Zanzi said, we must start from the context. So let's talk about this context. In a few ...

Italian Sommelier Association: How has the AIS exam changed?

Everything changes, even the Italian Sommelier Association. And with her he changes his famous AIS exam. Since you often email me to find out how the AIS exam has changed, here's the comparison with ...

There are Chiara Bassi, author of Perlage Suite: the Wine Blog Italian dedicated to wine, in particular to the teaching for aspiring sommeliers and sparkling wines.

Here you will find the best strategies to learn how to sell your wine in Italy and abroad, the notes to pass the AIS exam and become a sommelier and my personal opinions on wine events, wineries and the most interesting wines in Italy and Europe.

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"Wine is one of the greatest signs of civilization in the world."

Ernest Hemingway

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