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A thought on the fly for my dad who turned 60 today. Today I spent a nice day with my family at Restaurant Tentazioni di Pisogne, and I asked Sandro and Giacomo for kindness to bring a bottle from home for Dad. When I was in South Tyrol for my sparkling wine guide 500 bubbles in 500 and I visited Lorenz Martini's winery after selecting his Comitissa 2011 for guide, I drank with him a bottle of Comitissa Gold 2002 and I fell in love with it. So when Lorenz kindly presented me with a bottle, I immediately thought I wanted to untap it for Dad's birthday!

Well, anyone who knows me knows how much I love my father, he is my permanent center of gravity, my point of reference, my only certainty. Since I was a child I have always been one with him and I have millions of memories of the past life together where he taught me to do many things. Let's say that I am his portrait, even if he has more patience than me (and I still have a lot of it eh)! Dad taught me to believe in my dreams, he stimulated my intelligence and my emotions. And I would like to tell you how much I love him but I would have to write a very long article and then I would bore you 😉

My parents were here on Lake Iseo for the weekend, obviously they stayed at the Hotel Capovilla in Pisogne which they really like (and in fact from what I saw it's really nice!) In a beautiful room overlooking the lake . The weather wasn't great today, but we pretty much ate all day at the Restaurant Tentazioni di Pisogne (which is right under the Hotel Capovilla).

Sandro and Giacomo Pittelli were very cute as always, and since they turned birthday a few days ago (October 30) I took the opportunity to bring them a bottle that I love: the Full PS of Alice's Vigne... which remains my best discovery of Vinitaly 2016. For my dad, as I anticipated, I brought the bubbly that most excited me about my last trip to South Tyrol ... indeed ... maybe I would dare to say one of the bubbles that most impressed me excited about this 2016 (and I've tasted so many, just think of my sparkling wine guide 500 bubbles in 500): L'Alto Adige Brut Gran Riserva Comitissa Gold 2002 - Lorenz Martini. If I had to describe it in just two words I would define it as a spectacle for the nose and a pleasure for the palate. Lorenz Martini has been producing sparkling wines since 1985 (an excellent vintage for sparkling wines: I was born !!) from Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco grapes, just 2 hectares of vineyards for a total of just over 16 thousand bottles. In 2002, in a year that in most of Italy they called “to be forgotten”, Lorenz Martini dared to make a Gran Riserva that rests on the lees for 10 years (and already here I am beginning to enjoy ...). Half Chardonnay and half Pinot Blanc for this Blanc de Blanc which I found superior to all the wines tasted during my South Tyrolean stop 500 bubbles in 500.

The color is a straw yellow with beautiful golden reflections, the perlage is very fine and persistent. The nose is intense and elegant, with notes of candied cedar, toasted hazelnuts, brioche, flint, peach, white chocolate, acacia flowers. In the mouth it enters incredibly fresh, vertical, with a marked acidity despite its age, very savory, with a pleasant and creamy bubble. Fine, soft, persistent and harmonious… its flavor goes perfectly with the Crudité I ate mainly based on shellfish (which are characterized by a marked sweet tendency). I also find it perfect for meats like goose and duck… and I also really liked it paired with the potato gnocchi, caciocavallo, rabbit and carrot that dad got.

restaurant temptations pisogne

Perfect wine… paired with delicious dishes! I only spend a word on carnaroli rice with sour butter, tomato emulsion and raw fish: I'm not a fan of risottos, but this is by far the best I've ever eaten in my entire life! Perfect cooking of the rice, perfect creaming ... delicious the tomato emulsion and also the three small tartare of red prawns, amberjack and Mediterranean tuna were really good because with their sweet tendency they contrasted with the acidity of the butter and the tomato. Moreover, the pairing with the Gran Riserva Comitissa Gold 2002 by Lorenz Martini is also perfect !! Let's say that if Sandro prepares it for me anyway, even if I go there alone, I'll be back soon ... also because I have an unfinished business with the warm apple, almond and cinnamon pie with vanilla ice cream that I spotted the other day on the menu, but I didn't get it because for dad's birthday there was a millefeuille cake!

We left the Tentazioni Restaurant very late ... it was after four ... with the desire to take a stroll but it was raining! I "touched" to go and see Daniel in Costa Volpino ... where he presented his Cascina Lorenzo wines (and daje, which I love his Marzemino Foppello 18 I already told you!) Under the arcades ... something absolutely appreciated in a rainy day ???.

Still happy birthday dad and heartfelt thanks to Sandro and Giacomo Pittelli who made us spend a beautiful day?

See you soon,


PS do you want to know what Romagna's real pride is? Get up at four past the table and say: I still have some filling to make cappelletti to finish ... tonight you close them dad? (And then it is said of the people of the south ...)?

 Since for personal culture I never throw anything away, especially the leftovers of food that I always try to reuse (it seems an insult to throw away food with so many people in the world who are dying of hunger), I seasoned them with the mutton sausage that I had prepared the day before, which I blended with a coffee cup of red wine (the now famous Marzemino Foppello 18, Cascina Lorenzo ... we drank the rest of course? ... by the way, thanks Daniel!).

A kiss to all and good evening!


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