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How to get along and grow together

We assume that, as far as we can study, our tastes are subjective. Surely I will be the first to have prejudices when I interact with one reality rather than another, but I promise you that all the contents that are published on Perlage Suite they are never influenced by economic returns or corporate pressures. I really care that all readers are fully satisfied with what they read on this wine blog and that my brand Perlage Suite and my person is always respectable and considered a guarantee of quality.

Wine blog: content of the articles

The wines presented among the contents of my wine blog are obtained as donations of samples to my company De La Paix srl I receive many samples every day and not all of them appear on Perlage Suite. Being a free advertisement that I do to wineries, I have no obligation to publish, but I only publish what I think is of interest to readers. All items are at my complete discretion. Items can be completely free or paid. In any case, I do not accept wines or products that have not completely satisfied my taste even for a fee. Therefore before you can advertise your company on Perlage Suite you must have sent me your products and received my “Okay” to proceed to the next step, as reported in this page.

Wine blog: advertising and affiliations

On the website there are various forms of advertising:

  • Banner of private advertisers. All operators in the world of wine and catering can advertise on Perlage Suite their activity through banners designed to provide them with the maximum economic return. Articles can be inserted for advertising purposes. Wine cellars can be advertised only according to the rules listed in this page.
  • Affiliations. I am affiliated with various websites: Amazon, Svinando, Elegant Themes… and if you click on a link on Perlage Suite that brings you back to one of these sites and you buy one of their products or services, I will receive a commission. This is a nice way to support my wine blog on your part that involves no cost.
  • Post Promoted Buzzoole. I am a "verified user" of the Buzzoole influencer marketing platform. I reserve the right to evaluate campaign posts from this platform only if they are in line with the principles of this regulation. I will never advertise any product that I have not tested with that does not fully satisfy me, regardless of the amount I am offered.

on the contents of the website and the blog

This blog is not a news organization as it is not updated on a regular basis and therefore cannot be considered an editorial product under the 62 law of the 7-03-2001. All site articles Perlage Suite (except where otherwise indicated in the article itself) are written by Chiara Bassi. The opinions expressed are the result of the authors' personal experience on the subject of wine marketing and becoming / being a sommelier, but the achievement of the same objectives cannot be guaranteed as people are different from each other. The credits, when found and available and if necessary, of the images shown, are present at the end of the article. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Some texts or images included in this blog are taken from the internet and, therefore, considered to be in the public domain; if their publication violates any copyright, we ask you the courtesy to notify us in order to give us the possibility to proceed immediately with the removal. The author of the blog is not responsible for the linked sites or their content which may be subject to changes over time. Thanks for your collaboration.

on third-party comments on the blog

I reserve the right to remove any comments at my sole discretion that:

  • whether illicit, defamatory, racist or libelous
  • contains personal data of third parties
  • is harmful to people, institutions, religions
  • is detrimental to the privacy of others
  • which may be harmful to minors
  • instigate hatred or violence
  • is harmful to trademarks, patents and copyrighted content
  • improperly uses the means to promote or advertise commercial activities

The comments represent only the point of view of their author and therefore I do not take responsibility for them.

When entering a comment, the software that manages this blog, WordPress, it automatically detects and records the identification data such as dateNow e IP address of the computer from which this is published. A valid email address is also required for the correct insertion of a comment. Comments are managed by the platform Disqus.

The collected data will not be transferred to third parties unless requested by the competent authorities in the event that an offense is detected.

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