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Last Monday I braved a hallucinating heat to answer the call of the Milan Wine Week 2021 and attend a press conference that turned out to be unmissable. Milan, rightly defined "the door of Italy to Europe" once again proved to be up to par. I saw the president of Milan Wine Week 2021 Federico Gordini radiant with happiness, and he really deserves it given what he got out of the hat in just 4 years! Being able in such a short time to create such an important event with such an "alternative" format to the plastered world of fairs is really a lot of stuff! This new edition, which leaves us with bated breath until 2 October 2021, wants to relaunch the hospitality and catering sector through a program of experiences that wants to place wine in close contact with art, fashion and design. All topped off with one strong technological matrix able to emphasize the experiences in presence. 😍

milan wine week 2021 duomo

In the splendid setting of the Sala delle Cariatidi at Palazzo Reale the press conference for the presentation of the fourth edition of the Milan Wine Week 5 was held on July 2021. I begin with doing i congratulations to Zed Comm, news agency I had already met from Venturini Baldini, in that splendid Food Valley chateau which I visited last May. The choice of the transparent chairs was perfect not to interfere with the splendid location, worthy of a design capital.

milan wine week 2021 royal palace room of the caryatids

"The world of wine restarts from Milan“, How nice to read this sentence! There is so much need to start again, for everyone! I am deeply convinced that - in the end - Covid will be for this sector above all an accelerator of inevitable events that will put those who know how to innovate at the center. And the key word of Milan Wine Week 2021 is innovation, thanks to the new App that will allow visitors to create an itinerary tailored to their interests, planned in detail and capable of interacting with the excellence of the city. Mayor Beppe Sala is fromchiaraI am sure of the support that the Milan Wine Week will be for the wine industry and for the catering and hospitality supply chains and, given the premises, I absolutely agree!

milan wine week 2021

The calendar includes hundreds of appointments distributed over 9 days which will once again have as headquarters Palazzo Bovara in Corso Venezia, but the schedule will be distributed in every corner of Milan between historic buildings, squares and clubs. The meetings will be managed in full compliance with safety regulations, although I hope that by October most of them will already be on their second dose of vaccine! On my side I can tell you that my antennas are not blunt ...

The thing that fascinated me most is the digitization of all the wine lists of the restaurants in Milan: we will finally be able to choose the restaurant based on the type of wine we want to drink! Milan will in fact become the first city in the world where, thanks to a mobile app, you can choose where to go to dinner according to the etiquette you want to consume… isn't it extraordinary?

During the Milan Wine Week 2021 the app will be enriched with tailor-made proximity experiences and playful moments, but its life after the event, thanks to the digitization of the wine lists I have just told you about, will be the most valuable contribution to the restart of the sector operators.

milan wine week 2021 francesca barberini chiara bassi

The second watchword of Milan Wine Week 2021 is synergy and I believe in this word very much. In this regard I want to share a photo with my favorite teacher: Francesca Romana Barberini, Head of Food of Milan Wine Week 2021. As you probably know, I'm studying L-GASTR at university and she was my food and wine history teacher (my first 30 cum laude!). What a pleasure to meet you in person, I hope we will have other opportunities and I'm sure she will do a splendid job!

milan wine week 2021

After the conference a aperitif in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele at the Biffi. Neither good nor bad, but the charm of sitting here remains extraordinary. And I also tasted a Ligurian wine that I really liked, which I just have to investigate… 😋

milan wine week 2021

I was very happy to hug my dear colleagues Francesco Cannizzaro and Gabriele Scalici, who I hope will come to visit me soon also in Monte Isola… possibly with some good bottles to taste. At home I always have eggs and semolina for a good plate of pappardelle!

milan wine week 2021

... one more thought

Lastly, forgive me this note that I am about to make… but I consider it necessary. When I was offered a glass of wine at the toast in the Sala delle Cariatidi, I asked the waitress what it was and she replied: “Prosecco di Franciacorta!”. Now, I will also be a professional ballgame, but seriously? Seriously, the waitresses who serve the wine for the toast at a press conference packed with journalists, bloggers and authorities of all kinds have at least not been given the name of the wine poured? And then - I know this is "serious" - with all the sommeliers and wine lovers "for a walk" in times of pandemic, could we not have entrusted this service to a more prepared person?

I believe that Milan Wine Week 2021 can really place Milan at the center of wine promotion Italian - for the moment I am not unbalanced on the world championship - however it is essential to take care of every detail, even the most insignificant, because even the last wagon of the train communicates with the first and arrives at its destination at the same time.



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