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This morning I participated in an interesting Masterclass dedicated to Rose wine, where I got to compare the Chiaretto di Bardolino with other French rosé wines. I found this tasting very interesting and I must say that first of all it gave me the opportunity to clarify a doubt that arose during yesterday's tastings, which I had done purposely without information to be able to get an idea without having influences. Yesterday I was able to identify two strands of Chiaretto di Bardolino divided by color and aromas:

  1. Type 1: light rosé wines, with a hue that turns to onion skin pink and with aromas of red orange, passion fruit, white peach and bergamot tea.
  2. Type 2: intense rosé wines, with a very intense pink that turns to coral and with aromas on the notes of cherry, red fruits, sweetened whipped cream and strawberry yogurt.

These two types of wine are practically unapproachable and therefore I believe that the Consorzio del Chiaretto di Bardolino must make a choice of field either in the communication to explain the difference, or in creating a new denomination to distinguish the two types. In fact, I believe that for an average consumer it is very important because, if he tries only one type and associates this with Chiaretto di Bardolino, if he asks for it for example at the restaurant and finds a completely different wine, it could generate a disappointment in him. It is understood that both types have an enological dignity, but the personal taste of the consumer must be protected and the most precious instrument of protection is what is written on the label.

I will tell you about the two different vinification methods that lead to the generation of two such different wines in the next article, completely dedicated to the Preview of Chiaretto di Bardolino 2022 in which I will share all my tasting notes of the 50 wines tasted.

Rosé wine masterclass

Rosé wine masterclass

Rosé wine / 1: Chiaretto di Bardolino Classico “Keya” 2021, Guerrieri Rizzardi

It has a beautiful, intense and brilliant, consistent onion skin pink color. The nose is delicate and elegant, mineral, with notes of wild strawberry, fruit tartlets and smoked. In the mouth it is consistent, warm, fresh and very savory, with a very present but not intrusive pseudocaloric. Quite long fruity finish.

Keya chiaretto rosé wine

Rosé wine / 2: Bandol Rosé Cuvée Tradition 2021, Domaine La Suffrene

It has a beautiful intense and brilliant bronze color, consistent. I like it very much on the nose: it is intense, but very elegant with mineral notes that intertwine with hints of aromatic herbs, black tea and candied chinotto. In the mouth it is consistent, very balanced, fresh, savory and with a beautiful structure. Long finish with a smoky note.

Provence bandol rosé wine

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Rosé wine / 3: Tavel 2021 Domaine Les Hautes-Roches Cellier des Chartreux

When I tasted it I thought: ah, but then there are also Tavel as it should be !! This is because yesterday afternoon we did a Tavel masterclass which, I admit, did not impress me at all. However I will tell you about it in an article as I think it could turn out a nice didactic piece!

It has an intense and bright cherry pink with coral reflections, consistent. The nose is delicately fruity, with notes of berries, custard, rose. In the mouth it is consistent, soft, fresh, very savory and well balanced. Long fruity sip.

Tavel rosé wine

Rosé wine / 4: Côtes Du Rhone Rosé Le Rosé d'Autumne 2020, Domaine  the Odylée

A really interesting wine that was born a little by chance and today is produced in a limited edition of less than a thousand bottles that are not sold to individuals, but only given to great restaurants to allow more or less renowned chefs to play with combinations.

It is cherry red with orange reflections, full and bright, consistent. The nose is very interesting, intense and "greedy" as it is distinctly recognizable notes of wild strawberry, sweetened whipped cream and raw butter. In the mouth it is coherent, soft, fresh, structured and with a rather pleasant taste of black cherry in alcohol which makes it intriguing to combine. Long finish.

French rosé wine

Rosé wine / 5: Chiaretto di Bardolino Ròdon 2020 Le Fraghe 

A rosé wine that gives you hope for the future of Bardolino Chiaretto. Thanks to the skilful work of Matilde Poggi, also known as the president of the FIVI, this type of wine is enhanced without being distorted. Chapeau!

It has an onion skin pink color with salmon reflections, bright and consistent. The nose is very elegant, mineral and fine with notes of cumin, raw butter, wet stone, graphite, magnolia flowers and strawberries. In the mouth it is consistent, fresh, soft, very balanced. Great drinkability and a long finish with a hint of red orange juice.

Rosé wine claret of bardolino le fraghe

Rosé wine / 6: Tavel 2020 Chateau de Trinquevedel

Tavel on the kind of some tasted in yesterday afternoon's Masterclass that I really didn't like.

It has an intense and bright coral pink, with a slight carbonation. The nose is delicate, not very complex and notes of wild strawberry prevail. In the mouth it doesn't drive me crazy, there is that carbon that is annoying and gives it a burnt sugar aftertaste.

Tavel rosé wine

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Rosé wine / 7: Bordeaux Clairet 2020 Chateau Ballan Larquette

I swear, I found it so good that I made a refill in the glass despite the thousand thousand wines tasted! Clairet was the wine Sherlock Holmes always drank, and how can he be wrong?

It has a dull and bright ruby ​​red, consistent. The nose is intense and elegant, wonderful at first glance. Very spicy, with notes of chilli and green pepper, black pepper. In the mouth it is very coherent, very fresh, soft, very balanced and with a pleasant structure. Long finish of red chillies and pink pepper.

Rose wine chateau ballan larquette

I found this masterclass really interesting, but above all instructive because it put the flea in my ear for future tastings… so thanks for the invitation!



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