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Ribolla Gialla is a white grape variety characteristic of Friuli-Venezia Giulia from which the homonymous wine is produced.

Synonyms and clones

  • Synonyms: rebula, ribolla, ribuele (officers). Others: rabuèle, raibola, ràbola, rebolla, white ribolla, yellow ribolla from Rosazzo, ribollat, ribuèle ...

Ribolla giallo: characteristics

… Of the plant

  • Appearance: leaf medium, almost whole or with three lobes indicated, rounded, open V-shaped petiole sinus and lateral sinuses indicated or absent. Both the upper and lower pages are hairless and light green. Petiole short.
  • maturation: second and third decade of September. Bunch very small, cylindrical-pyramidal and compact. Acino medium and slightly discoid. Peel thin, pruinose, dotted and alabaster yellow in color. Pulp dissolved with a neutral, sweet and slightly astringent flavor.
  • Productivity: good and constant.
  • Vigor: good.
  • Resistance to adversity: sensitive to rot and leaking. It resists spring frosts well thanks to its late bud break.
Ribolla Gialla grape
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… Of the wine produced

  • Visual exam: intense and brilliant straw yellow tending to golden.
  • Olfactory exam: intense, floral and fruity.
  • Taste-olfactory examination: fresh, soft, light-bodied, excellent drinkability and a rather long almond finish.

Cultivation areas

  • Italy: (suitable and recommended areas) provinces of Pordenone and Udine.
  • World (in order of quantity): Italy; Slovenia; Greece.

Ribolla giallo: Italian DOCG and DOC wines where it is admitted

  • DOCG: Rosazzo.
  • DOC: Collio Goriziano or Collio, Friuli or Friuli Venezia Giulia (in Slovenian language Furlanjia or Furlanjia Juliska Krajna), Friuli Colli Orientali.


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