This morning I woke up at dawn... after a very restless night's sleep, I got out of bed at 6 a.m. The beauty of my job is definitely that I can manage my schedule in total autonomy, but I must say that getting up so early has its advantages because you have the whole day ahead of you... and then seeing the sunrise over the lake is really wonderful! (See the photo on the cover... without filters!) Another good thing is that at that hour I can spend an hour on the phone with Marco, because he lives in Perth, Australia, and there are 6 or 7 hours of time difference! Anyway, it's now 8 o'clock and Paco is still in bed!

I wanted to go out for a bike ride since I want to get into this healthy morning habit, but I remembered that the owners of the house are renovating the solarium and today they are removing the roof and I can't get to the box... just as well, I'm looking forward to sunbathing on the terrace by the lake 😉


Nature is truly wonderful: two evenings ago, after a few drops of rain, it treated me to a unique colour spectacle: two amazing rainbows that I admired while drinking a glass of Sauternes Château de Rayne Vigneau 2006... wonderful! My weakness for mouldy wines is well known, but I must say that this one with a blue cheese is something sublime! Too bad I didn't have that type of cheese at home to go with it... but I fell back on a donkey cacciatorino which I bought at Polastri's 2 days later, and I must say it was a truly amazing combination! (Instead with the rainbow it was paired with an excellent fontina... I was in Aosta for work last week with Alessandro and we took advantage of it!) By the way, have you already seen the latest website I made Do you like it?

The donkey meat is dark in colour and very sweet, with a marked aromatic note thanks to the spices with which it is seasoned and very persistent. Honestly, it has little to do with the flavour of the more industrial and common salami, and with this type of wine, in my opinion, it goes perfectly. Definitely an unusual pairing with Sauternes, which is preferred with cheeses (I also love it with prawns if served at around 8°), but a must try!


This Sauternes is a blend of Sémillon (80%) and Sauvignon Blanc (20%) grapes and comes from vineyards over 30 years old. The soils of this area are as precious to the vine as they are to man: calcareous clay, with sand and gravel, they are rich in amethysts, agates, onyx and sapphires. The grapes are attacked by the Botrytis Cinerea, the noble mouldwhich contributes to the concentration of sugars and the particular notes of the olfactory bouquet.

Brilliant deep golden yellow with amber hues, the nose has spicy notes of vanilla, saffron, acacia, lemon marmalade and apricot. In the mouth, it is velvety and persistent, perhaps a little unctuous, with citrus hints tempered by honey and a touch of banana. It can be defined as a new generation Sauternes, which is 'only' 18 months in barrique and this certainly increases its freshness and longevity.

What can I say... if you need to meditate on your life and you need sweetness this combination is a delicious pampering. And if, like me, you can enjoy it by the lake, while taking a break from work that fulfils you and makes you happy, you are the luckiest person in the world. Regardless of how many bad things can happen to you in life... those who really love you will never abandon you.

See you soon,


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