It's 3 p.m. and, after yet another sleepless night these past two months, I decided to take a mental break to tell you something... and in particular I'd like to discuss with you a topic that, at first glance, doesn't have much to do with wine: the Happiness. Have you ever tried googling the word 'Happiness'? There are about 19 million results, about 19 million articles like mine that talk about Happiness. A crazy amount of content, growing by the hour. Perhaps because man by nature yearns for happiness? And then in the end what is this 'Happiness'?

Happiness is the positive state of mind that finds us satisfied with our desires.

Ask me if I am happy is an old Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo film. This trio of comedians never actually made me laugh much, but I think this is the most reassuring sentence you can say to someone who loves you.

Today I am happy because my sparkling wine guide 500 bubbles in 500 is almost ready... and will start shipping very soon ❤ (By the way, if you click HERE you can buy it at special pre-sale price of 20 €... from 1 December the price will return to the regular price of €25.30... take advantage of it! )

Anyway... you may be wondering why I talk about Happiness... well because dear Michela Muratori of Villa Crespia made me an indecent proposal: Friday evening we go for a yoga class with Franciacorta wine tasting! OK, granted that Michela manages to combine Franciacorta with the most unthinkable things (See the wine reading with Roberto Perrone for Festival Franciacorta 2017) I must say that it is a really good excuse to make my first yoga class! Obviously I poked around in the Facebook page of MAÏA Brescia... and I found among the information this thought that prompted me to write two lines on Happiness.

The human being is in continuous relationship with the world around him, and from this interaction, emotions, moods, which are the heritage of our mind but also of our body, are generated. Mens sana in corpore sano.
Stop, listen to yourself and become aware of your physical stateical and state of mind are fundamental exercises to prevent psychosomatic disorders, which can affect the entire functioning of the organism. This is our fundamental principle, without espousing any diet or therapy or specific activity but only by gaining awareness and moving. Movement, Nutrition, Awareness. Not only Care and Prevention but above all Entertainment and Movement, to live well at any age with Serenity.

MAÏA Brescia

I have always believed in the power of Happiness. Happiness makes us masters of the world. When we are happy we think that everything is within our grasp and, paradoxically, at that moment it really is! We are capable of anything, we can have anything. The more we believe in this, the more possibilities materialise. I had the enormous good fortune of a father who, even as a child, always made me realise that I could achieve anything with my intelligence and talent, and everything depended on my will and commitment. At 32 years old, I can say that, on the whole, it is true: I have the privilege of doing the most beautiful job in the world, anywhere in the world, because I am a person free of any constraints. Then of course, great intelligence is a gift that certainly opens up many paths, but sometimes it also brings great torment because of a sense of right and wrong that I am not always willing to accept. What is certain is that when you have good self-esteem and are happy, you can achieve anything.

For me, Happiness is the Freedom to be where I want, when I want, with whom I want. For me, Happiness is not having to get out of bed in the morning at 7 a.m. to go to work. I don't work eight hours a day. I never work. Davide might tell you that in his eyes I work at least 16 hours a day, but to me it weighs like 2. So for me Happiness is synonymous with Freedom. And for you?

I also agree that good self-esteem comes from a healthy mind in a healthy body. That is why I have been on a serious diet since January. In fact, I have just discovered that the MAÏA Brescia It's a weight-loss centre... from January I might go to them... who knows! Certainly the story that I don't have to espouse any diet regime has convinced me to start next year in a different way. 2017 was the first year of rebirth for me... and despite a terrible thing I discovered (which doesn't affect me personally), I'm counting on 2018 to be truly 100% Happy.

That said... Friday I will take my first yoga class with Michela. And then I will drink Franciacorta. Yoga I don't know if I will like, but on Michela's Franciacorta I have no doubt... especially about the Symbiotic and on the NumeroZero that literally won me over!

I close with an obvious but important question: What is Happiness for you?

If you like, write it in a comment!



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