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If I think of an extraordinary red wine I immediately imagine a good bottle of Barolo… That's why I was really happy to participate in this appointment with Go Wine at the Starhotels Rosa Grand in Milan. In reality the appointment was also dedicated to Barbaresco and Roero, but not being able to taste everything, I chose to taste only these legendary wines. When I arrived at the banquet of the Marengo Mauro company I was struck by this couple of delightful guys, Elisa and Pierpaolo, so much so that when I heard them talk about 3 days of vacation I couldn't help but get a mountain of ... grissini them and invite them to me in Monte Isola. My beloved Lake Iseo is a very romantic place! And so here we are to spend together a wonderful evening based on pappardelle with meat sauce and their Barolo ... I hope to visit them soon with my husband Francesco! 😍

In this article I want to share my tasting notes in order of tasting, with the hearts next to the name of the label you can immediately understand which wines I liked the most. However, this is already a selection of the wines that I already liked the most because I keep the ones I didn't like as always. 😉

Il Barolo DOCG is an ancient Piedmontese denomination dating back even to 1933 which includes the municipalities of Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga and part of the municipalities of Cherasco, Diano d'Alba, Grinzane Cavour, La Morra, Monforte d'Alba, New, roddi e verduno in the province of Cuneo. It is made from grapes Nebbiolo Guyot trained in hilly vineyards. After a minimum aging of 36 months, 18 of which in wood, very different wines are obtained depending on the production area. I must confess that this heterogeneity of expressions so typical from area to area is one of the reasons why I am in love with Barolo!

🍷 Cantina Alario Claudio

Barolo Riva Rocca 2017

It has a beautiful transparent and consistent ruby ​​red color. The nose intertwines toasted, spicy and vanilla notes that fade into a cocoa finish. In the mouth it is very toasted, fresh and savory. The tannin still needs to be polished a little to enjoy the drink to the fullest, but it promises great longevity.

go wine barolo claudio alario

🍷 Batasiolo Winery

Barolo Briccolina 2015

It has a beautiful semi-transparent and consistent ruby ​​red. The nose is a little too delicate for my taste, but still fine and pleasant. Notes of herbs, undergrowth and cocoa intertwine harmoniously, even if it lacks a little boost. It recovers the play in the mouth where it is structured, fresh and savory. Good harmony, overall it is almost ready but can still evolve.

go wine barolo briccolina batasiolo

🍷 Cantina Boglietti Enzo

Barolo Brunate 2017 ❤️

It is ruby ​​red tending towards garnet, transparent and consistent. The nose is delicate, very fine and elegant. Intertwining of sweet spices, Mon Chéri, milk chocolate and rhubarb with an intriguing balsamic note to finish. In the mouth it is fresh, savory, consistent. The tannin is already round and amalgamated, but still has a great potential for evolution in the bottle.

go wine barolo brunate boglietti enzo

Barolo Brione 2014

It is transparent and consistent ruby ​​red. The nose is delicate and fine, with notes all shifted to fruit - fresh blueberries and jam - which blend with a barely hinted spice. In the mouth it is soft, fresh, tannic and with a fairly long finish.

go wine barolo boglietti enzo brione

🍷 Cellar Bolmida Silvano

Barolo Bussia Vigna dei Fantini 2017

It is transparent and consistent ruby ​​red. The nose is very elegant with notes of chocolate, mountain pine and dry hay. In the mouth it is coherent, fresh, overall soft, savory and fine. The long ending of mou is interesting.

Barolo Bussia 2016

The ground is probably more tufaceous because the nose is completely different from the previous one and with a more marked tannin. Although it is always a Bussia from the same company it is a completely different style of making Barolo DOCG while maintaining a similar olfactory profile. In the mouth it is overall softer and more balanced.

Barolo The coasts of Monforte 2015 ❤️ ❤️

Wonderful, I loved it! The nose is very elegant, broad and fine with notes of cocoa, black tea, morello cherry, candied bergamot and licorice. In the mouth it is very consistent, fresh, savory, balanced, with good structure and great aging potential.

go wine bolmida silvano barolo

🍷 Cantina Cadia

Barolo Monvigliero 2017 ❤️

It has the characteristic transparent and consistent ruby ​​red color. The nose is very, very good, balanced, elegant and intense. Notes of coffee, porcini mushroom, peppermint, sweet licorice, candied mandarin and black pepper from Jamaica intertwine harmoniously. In the mouth it is fresh, savory, elegant and with a present but well blended tannin. It can still evolve, but it is already very pleasant to drink.

go wine barolo monvigliero cadia winery

🍷 Cantina Chionetti

Of all, this is the winery that I liked the most. I also tasted their Dogliani and it was a lot, but a lot of stuff! I hope to be able to visit them at the company as soon as possible ... and since I already have an appointment with Elisa Marengo I know that I am organizing! Chionetti's labels are splendid, a combination of art, history and elegance… so congratulations to those who created them.

Parussi 2017

I would define it as a "didactic" Barolo for its precision. Really well done. The nose is very pleasant, elegant, fine and fruity. Indeed, I would say particularly fruity! Fresh fruit intertwines with balsamic and galvanized scents. In the mouth it is elegant, fine and consistent. The tannin is well present, but it is already quite pleasant. Drink very easy even for the "initiates".

go wine barolo chionetti parussi

Roncaglie 2017

A completely different Barolo, more complex on the nose with notes of fresh fruit that fade into intriguing animal scents. In the mouth it is more ready than Parussi, fresh, soft, balanced, fine and elegant. Very good, with a long leather finish.

go wine barolo roncaglie chionetti

Bussia 2017 ❤️❤️

I venture to call it the best Barolo for tasting: I really enjoyed it! The nose is broad, with a lot of licorice. In the mouth it is soft, elegant, coherent and fine with a beautiful structure and a present and amalgamated tannin. Long finish of licorice.

go wine barolo bussia chionetti

Riesling 2019 ❤️❤️

In the midst of all the Barolos I make an exception to tell you that I also tasted riesling and I found it truly superb. I brazenly invite myself to the cellar to make a vertical of what I think on the podium of the best Italian Riesling ... do you want me? 😄

go wine chionetto riesling

🍷 Cantina Anna Maria Abbona

Castiglione Falletto 2017

It has the classic transparent ruby ​​red color, consistent. The nose is broad and pleasant, very round. Notes of sweet spices, aromatic herbs, milk chocolate and salted caramel intertwine. In the mouth it is soft, very fresh, coherent and with a present but well blended tannin. Long finish.

go wine barolo anna maria abbona castiglione falletto

Barolo Bricco San Pietro 2017 ❤️

It has the classic transparent ruby ​​red color, consistent. The nose is quite spicy, with notes of sweet spices that blend with sweetened cocoa powder, rhubarb liqueur and coffee bitters. In the mouth it is fresh, soft, tannic and long on the finish.

go wine barolo anna maria abbona bricco san pietro

🍷 Mauro Marengo

Combining these delicious Barolos with Monte Isola salami, malga cheeses and my pappardelle al ragù was a lot of stuff!

Barolo Ravera 2017 ❤️

Very interesting, the least ready of all and with a fearful aging potential. The nose consistently needs some more time. Chocolaty nose, with aromatic herbs, fruit jam. In the mouth it has a very pronounced tannin. Long finish with spicy notes.

go wine barolo marengo mauro

Barolo 2016 ❤️❤️

Immediately it remains more closed, but when it opens it is exceptional. I liked it very much for its balsamic notes that blend in a bouquet of licorice, cocoa, spices and cherries in alcohol. In the mouth it is very elegant, fine, with a tannin that can carry it on for many more years in the bottle.

go wine barolo marengo mauro

Barolo Angela 2015

It is ruby ​​red with garnet reflections, transparent and consistent. The nose is intense, with notes of ink, black cherry in alcohol, violet and porcini mushroom that fade into delicate balamic scents. In the mouth it is very soft, ready, harmonious, with a well-blended and long tannin on the finish. Definitely a very good Barolo, with a round drink, even if it does not have the aging potential it deserves. Perfect to enjoy today.

go wine marengo mauro barolo angela

🍷 Reverdito

Barolo Chestnuts 2017

It has an intense, transparent and consistent ruby ​​red color. Very pleasant nose, balsamic, fine, elegant and with notes of sweet spices. Soft, tannic, particularly savory, fresh and with a good aging potential.

Barolo Ascheri 2017

It has an intense, transparent and consistent ruby ​​red color. Rounder and more balanced with very spicy, chocolaty, bitter cocoa and camphor notes. Tannic, fresh, savory and structured. Excellent aging potential.

go wine barolo reverdito ascheri

Barolo Badarina 2016 ❤️

It has an intense ruby ​​red color with garnet hues at the edges, transparent and consistent. The nose is very spicy and balsamic. In the mouth it is soft, fat, fresh, structured, consistent and with a good component of glycerol which gives it particularly interesting organoleptic characteristics. I loved it!

go wine barolo reverdito badarina

🍷 Virna

Barolo Cannubi 2017

It has an intense, semi-transparent and consistent ruby ​​red color. Already enjoyable now, it will have its optimum within 3-4 years. The nose is a riot of animal scents and red pulp fruit. In the mouth it is already quite soft, with well-blended tannins and a paraffin finish. In the mouth it is well balanced, round and persistent.

Barolo Sarmassa 2017

It has an intense, transparent and consistent ruby ​​red color. On the nose, balsamic notes, fresh blueberries and jam blend with a well-dosed vanilla. Austere and powerful, it has great aging potential.

barolo virna sarmassa

I hope that among my tasting notes you will find many Barolos to taste. These I wrote to you about are really one better than the other! Go Wine confirms itself as my favorite tasting organizer: tasting counters in the right number that allow me to taste everything or almost everything, competent staff and locations that are always up to par.

An invitation to producers: in this type of tasting, if you have more crus, bring the same vintage as each one. Unfortunately it is foolish to taste a Cru in 2017 and another in 2015: each vintage brings with it an influence that prevents us from understanding the terroir. The tastings must be either horizontal or vertical, possibly never mixed.

Thank you very much for your work.

Cheers 🍷


PS As always, I invite you to scroll down the page and leave me a comment here on the blog! 😉

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