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I haven't been writing about my beloved for 21 days wine blog and I must say that I missed you very much. However, this year I took a "special license" to get married: in fact, in this month of absence, Francesco and I have organized our wedding! Cabbage, now that there are just over 40 days left we begin to be really excited ... even for the Coronavirus it will be an intimate ceremony as I have always dreamed of: in fact there will be 14 of us included! In these 21 days, however, I have tried to be more present on Instagram, even if I have not been 100% even there, but I trust that you will forgive me seeing this unique moment in life that we are experiencing. I was happy to accept the proposal of Umberto Cosmo -Bellenda- and do my first 3 tasting videos of life. I admit that I have always been a little reluctant to show myself on video because, even if one would never say it, I am a bit shy in front of the cameras. Let's say I'm more of a keyboard or camera lion !!! But in the end I liked it very much… perhaps also thanks to the 3 delicious wines (one classic method sparkling wine and two prosecco with the bottom) that I tasted? 🥂

Bellenda Rosé Classic Method Talento Brut 2007

The first wine I tell you about is a masterpiece. The Pinot Noir plants of Vigna del Moro, on mixed clayey-calcareous soil, are trained with the Guyot system and have a high density. The harvest is manual, between the end of August and the beginning of September. Destemming, a short maceration and soft pressing, the must thus obtained ferments in steel and refines on the fine lees. Sparkling wine and refermentation in the bottle, on the lees for 72 months. Sugar dosage 7g / l, but not felt at all.

🥂I'm doing something really special these days: I'm choosing i #wines to pair with #pescedilago that I chose for ours #winewedding 🥰

😳The first wine I chose was love at first sight: #bubbly wine#metodoclassical #rose 2007 disgorgement 2015 of #beautiful ❤️ I already anticipate it with grilled eel with a marinade you will read at #herbs 😍 For the (video) #tasting complete follow @bellenda1986 🤗 I only anticipate one thing: it is spectacular and costs too little compared to its quality / goodness 😱
🐟Meanwhile I can't wait for August 6th to do the #testmenu a #castellooldofredi us @francesco_saldi 😍
© ️👩🏼 #chiarabassi ???? #perlagesuite

Bellenda “Rural Method” Fermentation in the bottle, sparkling on its yeasts, without added sulphites

This prosecco col Fondo wine was one of the very first to hit me in the panorama of the production of Umberto Cosmo - Bellenda. I like everything: the choice of the bottle, the choice of the cap, the label, the tag, the sealing wax effect… and of course the content! 

Too often we hear that Glera gives a light wine, with a structure unable to sustain long stops in the bottle. We believe this is a myth to dispel. For this we have tried to retrace our olfactory and gustatory memory. We asked ourselves what are the elements to look for in a wine and what can be the way to produce this wine without resorting to either hyper-technology or pseudo-natural witchcraft which, both, have little to do with wine. We believe that the balance between nature and human intervention is the key to returning to a wine that allows us to "drink the territory". We fermented this wine on the skins, using wooden vats, without temperature control, without adding sulfur dioxide to the product being pressed. At the same time we tried to record what happened in order to understand what was happening to the mass that was slowly turning into wine.
Understand and then know where the error can be hidden. Understand in order not to fall into the temptation to believe that in nature everything always goes well. Understanding in order to produce a wine with minimal intervention, but at the same time being able to produce a wine that in itself carries the history of the territory and tells something about us: here too the password is "balance".
The second fermentation took place in this bottle that you have opened or are about to open.

🤔 Know the #metodorural di #beautiful 🥂?  

🍇 A splendid interpretation of the #vine #glera #sulfite-free added vinified with #ancestral method which gives us hints of butter, walnut, candied cedar, lemon zest and linden flowers! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

🍝Perfect alone like #appetizer its structure and its citric aroma make it ideal for a variety of combinations. I promised you with the "Il Valentino" spaghettoni #monogranofelicetti with the #sardinadimontisola (and in fact you can see it in the second photo), but it is in this combination that it gave its best! Toasted bread with sourdough @tentazioniristorante and #trout marinated in Breton gray salt and sugar for 28 hours with lemon zest, lemon pepper #sichuan e #dill⠀⠀

❤️ Tonight I also try another gem #metodoclassical 2007 by Bellenda and if it looks so good I will write you the #recipeupdated on the blog with some considerations ... #good day#winelovers 🥰🍷
© ️👩🏼 #chiarabassi ???? #perlagesuite

Bellenda “So it is” Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco with DOCG sparkling bottom Fermentation in bottle

A product that recalls the peasant tradition of consuming Prosecco with the whole meal.

And indeed this prosecco with the bottom reminded me of magical moments, on Sunday, a Palazzuolo sul Senio. My beloved maternal grandparents and I used to go for beautiful pick-nics. Grandfather drove his white pandino kept like a jewel standing in the middle of the road at 30 km / h and boasting that no one overtook him as if he were Schumacher. Grandmother spread out her red plaid blanket on the river bank as soon as we arrived. Then off to the inn, me and grandmother on a jelly mission! Tortelli with ricotta and potatoes, roast of the day and some corner with the inevitable glass of sweet albana, in a perfect fusion of that region of Italy that is the most beautiful for me and not only because I was born there: Romagna Tuscany! I'm sure my grandparents would have loved the prosecco with the bottom "So it is" both paired with tortelli and roast!

🤔 Do you know the "That's it" Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG sparkling fermentation in the bottle of Bellenda?

🍇 A splendid interpretation of the #vine #glera it is pale straw yellow with a fine and not too numerous perlage. On the nose wonderful hints of cooked apple, fresh apple, pear, aromatic herbs and lemon thyme with a hint of peach not yet perfectly ripe. In the mouth it is creamy, fresh, consistent and one sip leads to another! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🍝Ideal to accompany preparations with simple cooking, with refined or poor ingredients! For example, it is perfect both for a pasta and beans and for a red prawn from Mazara del Vallo… but if you can, I invite you to make yourself a nice pick-nic with a basket of Venetian sandwiches: it will be absolute perfection!

❤️ “Bottled wines remind me of tradition […], they remind me of my grandparents; every Sunday with them in the summer we went for a picnic by the river and brought the basket, the checked blanket and we had the ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach. This would be the wine my grandfather would have loved! "
© ️👩🏼 #chiarabassi ???? #perlagesuite

How nice, I'm happy to have started from this article to write on my beloved wine blog! Next time I go to Romagna as a mother with Francesco we bring the wicker basket, a bottle of prosecco with Bellenda bottom and we go for a splendid pick-nic on the river right at the exact point where I went every Sunday with my grandparents! If you want to read more on Bellenda, here are other articles I wrote:

I have a little smile to link you to the article on the 2020 Taurus Horoscope ... in fact I never believed in horoscopes! However, this time I have to admit that he was right, at least on the side of love: in about 40 days I'm getting married to the guy of my dreams, a guy that Prince Charming would turn green with envy to know him!❤



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