When I was approached to become Media Partner of this event, I was delighted to welcome this new partnership: the Best Wine Stars 2018 is shaping up to be really beautiful! My fellow sommelier and writer, the very talented Adua Villawho I saw recently at the San Michele winery in Capriano del Colle during the presentation of the book 'Champagne Reloaded' by Marco Chiesa (time to finish reading it and I'll tell you about it... just a few more days!) is the curator of the wonderful Masterclasses I'll tell you about in a moment! 😍

Best Wine Stars 2018 aims to be a showcase for Italian wineries selected for particularly interesting proposals. Organised by Prodes Italy, a group that has been active for many years in the fields of high jewellery, design, art and which boasts established and successful annual events such as Artistar Jewels. Prodes Italia already boasts 15 international publications, 80 organised events, over 2000 companies involved and more than 1,150,000 visitors. All selected companies will be published in the book Best Wine Stars 2018, which will be distributed in all Italian bookshops and given away to more than 5,000 trade operators (buyers, sommeliers, bloggers, national and international journalists...) for a promotion of the chosen labels at the highest level.

An important showcase for the most established companies and a springboard for emerging wine producersThey will therefore have the opportunity to meet a public thirsting for novelty. The public will have the opportunity here to learn about new wine trends, and to take home the ones they have enjoyed the most.  The event will take place on 12 and 13 May 2018 in a prestigious location in Italy's fashion and luxury capital: the Milan Diocesan Museum, located in Corso di Porta Ticinese 95. The district is known for its dynamism, yet mixed with tradition and elegance.

I found the part of the Masterclasses curated by Adua Villa and built as much on the needs of the public as on those of the participating wineries. Here are the themes:

  1. I drink as I read: let's simplify wine
  2. Think Pink: rosé and red wines
  3. Sparkling Dress: the bubbles
  4. Green is the new Black: organic and natural wines
  5. Less is more: quality wines at an affordable price

As I have already written, I met Adua Villa at the presentation of the book 'Champagne Reloaded' by Marco Chiesa... and I think it's the only presentation I've been to that didn't bore me to death! Really, she and Marco did a great job narrating this book ... and I was recently at the San Michele Winery to pick up my copy. As soon as I finish with the 'great works' of these two weeks, I swear I'll finish it and tell you about it 🙂 Adua certainly has an immediate language and a tone of voice that make her really pleasant, even for those who don't chew wine like a pound of culatello! (oh my goodness, culatello, why did that come to mind? why? is it that it's just past noon? and how can I not immediately think of Culatelleria? and of Nonna Dori with her dates stuffed with gorgonzola? Ok now I'm calling her... yes, bye diet bye! 😄 ).

What can I say except that I am happy to promote it as Media Partner? I will give you more info soon, especially on the selected wineries! So... stay tuned, as they say!

See you soon,


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