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Wine blogger wine? Certainly AIS Sommelier and Gastronoma 😋

Since high school, I've always needed to write to study. At the time, I endlessly copied lecture notes on paper notebooks whose order bordered on maniacal. It was hours and hours spent just for me and my preparation. Today, like wine blogger, I write on a keyboard, for everyone. My wine blog (really a blog di-wine) was originally born to be my study notebook in view of theAIS exam third level to be officially "consecrated" sommelier. For this it is the materialization of my greatest love: the writing. A wine blogger is for me a “modern” writer who puts sharing at the center of his knowledge.

Wine blogger? A path…

My life has always been a baroque ballet among the various subjects. from ballet technique I learned the discipline, from tennis the taste for the challenge, from Artistic high school love for freehand drawing and all art, fromconstruction Engineering analysis and reasoning, fromItalian Sommelier Association the ability to name an organoleptic sensation, from the university of Gastronomic Sciences the technological, cultural and economic approach to wine and food.
I love to write and I have over a dozen of literary prizes vanquished by poetry and fiction. Inexhaustible volcano of ideas, I collect orchids and classic method sparkling wines from all over the world. Thanks to my multifaceted preparation, in life I have been able to range and work in various sectors, of photography al design, the Visual merchandising toarchitecture, from journalism al website, also following projects for leading studios and companies in the national and international territory. I could have stopped, but I chose to run on the edge of a precipice. And so first I founded a start up in the web & food travel sector, then I became Marketing Manager of a restaurant with an innovative concept. And then I studied, I studied a lot. I delved into the web in a maniacal way and found I loved it.
In 2017 my wine blog Perlage Suite won the Millésima Blog Awards as the best blog in Europe in the Food & Wine Pairing category. I was awarded in Bordeaux and I was a guest of the most prestigious Bordeaux château (Château Margaux, Château Pichon Baron, Château Latour…) where I tasted unforgettable wines and food. These were the most amazing days of my life.

Wine blogger? Digital Nomad!

All my life I have dreamed of living on a lake ... and now I have realized my dream, a Monte Isola, on the island in the center of the splendid Lake Iseo. I love community life as much as I do i love solitude. I am in love with my father, my husband Francesco and my volpino Paco, who have been with me for 15 years now. I found my mom in pain. I have wonderful people who gravitate in my life and whom I thank every day for being there: Fabrizio Penzo, Marco Nanni, Marco Antonucci… and Valentina Mantovani. I am happily married to Francesco since 8 September 2020! ❤️

wedding in monte isola castello oldofredi wine blogger wine

Wine blogger: the awards I have won

Awards 2021: Special Award for wine-themed book published in 2020, National Literary Competition "Bere il Territorio" by Go Wine

literary contest drink the territory wine blogger wine

Awards 2017: Best Wine Blogger in Europe for the Food & Wine Pairing category

thousandth blog awards wine blogger wine

Awards 2016: Best Social Communication - Young to Young, Vinitaly and il Golosario

chiara bassi wine blogger wine sommelier

Wine Blogger wine: they talked about me ...

Awards I have won as a Wine Blogger / Wine Communicator:

I was a judge not too big-headed:

With my daddy 😍

In short, as a wine blogger (or wine blogger) I have done a lot of things… however I hope to become better and better and write more and more beautiful and useful articles and books!

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