You are looking for a sparkling wine with whom to make a good impression without spending too much? Do you prefer the Italian sparkling wines to their more famous (and expensive) French cousins? Do you love the Classic Method? Today I want to propose one brut sparkling wine with an excellent value for money to buy with your eyes closed to make a good impression with your friends!

I like to complete Emerson's sentence: The ornament of a house is the guests who frequent it. - Present them with a good bottle of wine!

Between the best Italian sparkling wines of Franciacorta which I tasted recently, the brut sparkling wine by Joska Biondelli also occupies a prominent place for its excellent value for money. I have been following Joska practically since I became Wine Blogger thanks to the very good Claudia Bondi of Pearls & Perlage which is responsible for the promotion of this (and many other) wineries. In the past, I was enthusiastic about the tasting he organised for the presentation of the Première Dame of Biondelli at the Milan Expo. Also for her 'Be Italian' event at the PalaExpo Lombardia at Vinitaly 2016 Claudia was able to gather all the most influential press in the world of wine... but that Claudia is great you know!


Choose one sparkling wine Italian: with Biondelli's Franciacorta you will certainly make a good impression!

I start from the assumption that, as a matter of principle, I drink Italian. Then of course, out of personal culture I taste wine from every part of the world... but if I have to give a bottle as a gift or uncork something with my loved ones I always choose one Italian sparkling wine! When choosing a wine to take to friends, being able to say a few words about the producer is important! This contributes to making us look good, because it shows that our choice is not random, but has been made with criteria and passion. Even before tasting the wine, in fact, there is the gesture of handing over the bottle. The senses of those who receive it, on the other hand, are tickled by two factors: the words you say (hearing) and the aesthetics of its appearance (sight).

Joska Biondelli's bottles are the casing to which all fine sparkling wines should be inspired: an essential concept, with a noble touch and that simplicity that distinguishes the winery and is emblematic of its own philosophy!

Biondelli's Franciacorta Brut is sold in wine shops at a very competitive price: €19. And, I assure you, it is worth every penny. No wonder it recently earned a gold medal in the 2016 edition of 'THE CHAMPAGNE & SPARKLING WINE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS'


sparkling wine-brut-classic-franciacorta-biondelli10 reasons to choose Joska Biondelli's Franciacorta DOCG Brut:

  1. It has a low dosage for a brut sparkling wine: always less than 6 grams of sugar/litre;
  2. is made only from grapes from the family's historic Nave and Paini vineyards in Franciacorta;
  3. is Chardonnay 100%;
  4. is a clean, elegant, unobtrusive bubble that is perfect for an aperitif or dinner with lightly cooked or raw dishes of both meat and fish;
  5. the bottle is only 19 € in wine shops;
  6. has a beautiful dress;
  7. He won Best Franciacorta, Blanc de Blancs and the gold medal for three consecutive years in the important international competition of Tom Stevenson, the first writer and wine critic to specialise in Champagne and sparkling wines from all over the world;
  8. the cellarer Marta is a young, pretty and knowledgeable girl. She works alone with her father in the vineyard... and the harmony and affinity of this family can also be felt in the wine;
  9. the cellar is of a rare tidiness and cleanliness, congratulations indeed!
  10. Joska Biondelli is a producer who does more than just put his signature on wine.

I mean... I'd say I've convinced you at this point! 😉

Joska Biondelli and the perfect match:

Another great wine from the Biondelli Cellars is definitely the Première Dame, which I see very well with the raw fish I ate Monday night at Yume in Pisogne with Francesco! By the way... very good Sushi Fusion restaurant, we ate very well! Since it is a very well-kept restaurant I would have liked to have seen a flower in the mise en place, too bad. Also to be improved are the biblical times: with 6 people in the whole place waiting 50 minutes for the first course is unacceptable! When I saw Francesco dipping his chopsticks in the soya I feared he would eat them out of despair 😀

yume Japanese restaurant bisogne

Lo classic method sparkling wine the one that convinces me the least from Cantine Biondelli so far is the Franciacorta Satén. In my opinion, it feels a little lacking in the barrique, which gives it that touch of softness and roundness and that pleasantly vanilla nose that goes perfectly with this type. I am waiting for the Rosé, towards which I have great expectations!

Biondelli's Franciacorta sparkling wines? According to Vanity Fair they are perfect for the total white man.

"The 'white-only man' is more elastic and possibilistic: he can also indulge in a few glasses of red, although he does not like it very much. He is gentle, delicate, a man more of pen than of sword, full of nuances like the aromatic wines he loves and, at times, sparkling like bubbles. Open-minded in his ideas, he does not want to impose his own tastes, nor does he want to be subjected to those of others. In short, he is pleasant and enveloping company, without too many shocks. And let's dispel the myth of the man who, by holding a dinner of important reds, will give greater satisfaction after dinner. As we often hear at tastings, a good white can be, in the end, long lasting...'

Vanity Fair

So, if you have a friend or boyfriend like that, all you have to do is give him a bottle of this Franciacorta Brut... and then uncork it together!

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See you soon,


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Joska Biondelli has definitely earned a place in this guide... but which of his bubbles I will award for now is still a mystery 😉

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