Wow, it's been exactly 23 days since I've blogged and I don't think something like this has happened since 2014! Yet I took a break to dedicate myself to studying, with the promise of catching up in a big way. Today I had two university exams in the same day and for me, who am not multitasking, it was really tough! Let me just tell you that my last break was on 31 December and I haven't taken a break for 48 days straight. Nevertheless, the results were there: I got 30 cum laude in Anthropology of Taste and 29 in Wine Economics! So tonight, to reward myself, I treated myself to one of my favourite dishes: l'lamb in beeralso taking advantage of the fact that a classmate of mine, Mirco Semenzinhe sent me his craft beer to taste! And since Mirco himself proposed a 'cultural exchange' with his seated chicken, I thought I would share the recipe here on the blog. But it is roast lamb o pan-fried lamb?

Let's start with the best thing of all: all you need to prepare it is:

  • leg of lamb
  • 1 bottle of 33 cl craft beer for cooking and as much as you like to drink (the important thing is that you always use the same beer!)
  • 2 medium-sized potatoes (I used Patata della Sila IGP)
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (preferably a tasty oil)
  • 2 tablespoons of flour (any flour will do, but if you have type 2 or wholemeal I recommend it from an organoleptic point of view).

The ingredients are already finished! When using so few ingredients, it is essential that they are chosen with great care and quality. As you can guess, what makes this preparation special is the cooking!

Beer-battered lamb recipe (2 generous portions)

First uncork the beer and pour it into a container the size of the lamb (don't use too large a container, choose the smallest one you have that holds the meat laid out). Place the lamb, cover with cling film and marinate for 24 hours in the highest shelf of the fridge (the least cold one).

Lamb in Beer easy recipe

Remove the lamb from the liquid (keep it because you will need it for cooking!). Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan and when you hear it sizzle, add the carefully floured lamb. Brown the lamb on each side for a few minutes over a high heat (on a scale of 1 to 9 I used 7) until it has a crust like in the photo, then pour in the beer from the marinade and cover with a lid. Since my leg of lamb was quite fat (1.4 kg) I couldn't put it in the pan with a lid that I usually use, but had to use a larger pan. I thought of covering the pan with the wok! After all, it's better to be creative in the kitchen, right? Turn the heat down to minimum (with my induction I used 3). Set the timer for 2 hours, forget the lamb and mind your own business!

Lamb in beer quick recipe

After two hours, turn the lamb over and cover again with the lid. Set the timer for one hour and forget about the lamb again. No, actually you won't because you will have the house invaded by a delicious, characteristic smell.

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Take the potatoes, wash them, peel them with the help of a potato peeler and cut them into wedges. Remove the lid and add the potatoes, then cover again. Set the timer for one hour and try not to get the urge to tear into the beer-battered lamb before it's perfect!

Beer-battered lamb with potatoes

At this point the beer-battered lamb is ready. Let it rest for a couple of minutes under a glass bell or covered with tin foil to rebalance the juices... and proceed to carving. It really does cut like a breadstick! I really hope this photo gives you an idea of the tenderness of this meat!

Pan-fried lamb in beer

Serve the beer-battered lamb always and only with the same beer that you cooked to prepare it! By the way, choose your beer carefully because its organoleptic characteristics will be the same as in the lamb! If you love strong flavours I recommend an IPA or even a Stout, if you are a 'fine' person... change the recipe! No, I'm joking of course! If you like milder flavours you can use a Blond Ale or even a slightly spiced Blanche and use 00 flour to wrap the lamb. 

Beer-battered lamb with potatoes

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I shouldn't say this, but IPAs are my absolute favourite beers. So I was very happy to find out that Mirco Semenzin sent me just that! As you can see there is no label on the bottle yet: it is a beer that is not yet in production (but hopefully it will be soon!). Mirco Semenzin's beer has the guidelines of the American IPA, but some traits of the Stout. It has an intense, cloudy amber colour, which in the SRM system would be classified as 20/10. On pouring, it makes a creamy, abundant froth which, after almost completely disappearing, remains veiled over the entire surface of the beer for a few minutes. On the nose, pleasant bitter notes of coffee powder and chestnut honey intertwine with fresher, more acidic notes veering towards passion fruit, closing in an intense citrus scent. In the mouth it is consistent, enveloping, full-bodied, fresh and with a long, almost burnt caramel finish. Well done Mirco!

American ipa beer Mirco Semenzin

If you try this recipe, please write to me in a comment if you liked it or if you need advice on choosing the right craft beer and pairing! As you have seen, I don't use any flavouring during marinating (at most a clove!) because I really want to taste the beer! And do you like beer? What is your favourite type? If you prefer to make roast leg of lamb HERE my recipe.

Cheers 🍷


P.S. Yes, my kitchen is dirty with flour, my fingers are greasy when I press the induction hob and this is my life, not a photo shoot! I sincerely hope you can appreciate it!

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