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Il wine Lugana DOC it owes its success also to its incredible geographical position: it is produced in that of Sirmione on Lake Garda. Elaborated by turbiana grapes, also called Trebbiano di Lugana, is a white wine suitable for a long evolution in the bottle. In my experience, there are two styles of Lugana: a more vertical and acidic one - sometimes reminiscent of certain German Riesling - and a fatter and more voluminous one. In this regard, I invite you to read this article of a beautiful Lugan Masterclassa in which I participated, where the “Austrian riesling style” of Cascina Maddalena and the German riesling style of Marangona stood out.

On the site of Lugana DOC Protection Consortium you can find a lot of information about this wine and I invite you to consult it. For us wine lovers it is interesting to know that this splendid territory is divided into two areas:

  1. The first is wide and flat and extends horizontally along the hinterland between Desenzano, Sirmione, a part of the municipality of Pozzolengo and Peschiera. The beating heart of the appellation, between Rovizza and Lugana di Sirmione, depository hamlets of the more “lake” and mineral style of Lugana, finds its historical and elective areas. In the Venetian part of Lugana, in the only municipality of Peschiera del Garda, there is one of the most interesting sub-areas, that of San Benedetto di Lugana, real "cru" of the denomination.
  2. The second is hilly and extends from the famous Torre Monumentale di San Martino della Battaglia along the lines of Pozzolengo and Lonato. Here the gentle hills - which do not exceed 130 m asl - have morainic soils with more sandy clays and loose gravel. The resulting wines are less mineral, with a more powerful acid shoulder and a lot of "volume".
lugana di sirmione lake garda

A wine box as a gift for the holidays?

With great foresight, the Lugana Consortium proposes some beautiful ones wine box to do i Christmas gifts and parties in general (I appreciate them even if you give them to me for the Befana, eh! 😄). The Lugana CheersBox they are 13 and each includes two bottles of wine and a selection of typical products of Lake Garda, with a price ranging between € 35 and € 85 including shipping costs. In my opinion they are perfect as a gift for the host when introducing himself as a guest at a lunch or dinner. Each box contains a "Lugana Gift”Which can be a selection of items for sommeliers and enthusiasts (caps, drip caps, corkscrews ...) or the band to maintain the temperature, very useful if you keep it in the freezer as I do because it does not wet and does not damage the label.

lugana gift

At this point I want to share the tastings of some of the boxes!

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Lugana DOC 2020, Valetti - Bardolino (BS)

It has a bright straw yellow color with greenish reflections at the edges. Consistent. The nose is delicate, complex and fine with notes of acacia honey, hibiscus flowers, fresh almonds and white tea, a reminder of camphor. In the mouth it is coherent, with a taste that is enriched with a note of apricot, rose flowers and lemon peel, warm, savory and structured. Long floral and almond finish.

The label is beautiful, it is a perfect wine to make a good impression. If you give it to a sommelier, suggest that he keep it a couple of years before drinking it: it will be a small jewel that will embellish his cellar. Perfect bottle also for an impatient winelover: it will accompany an aperitif or a fish dinner with refined discretion!

Here you will find more information about the Lugana Cheers Box Valetti.

lugana wine jars garda oil

Lugana DOC 2019 Gold Label, Tognazzi - Peschiera del Garda (BS)

It has a bright straw yellow, quite intense, with greenish reflections. Consistent. You see a few small bubbles here and there that disappear after about ten minutes in the glass. A very small defect in the visual examination that does not affect the organoleptic characteristics. The nose is quite complex, with notes of sugared almonds, sage and rennet apple. In the mouth it acquires notes of pear, but has a somewhat abundant pseudocaloric content for my tastes, despite the positive effect of the glycerol which gives a nice softness to the palate and a very pleasant flavor. Long salty finish. Ready wine, to be drunk throughout the meal and combined mainly with white meats.

Here you will find more information on the Lugana Cheers Box Tognazzi. PS… the limoncino is a show!

lugana vino tognazzi distilleries peroni maddalena

Lugana PDO 2019, Conti Ceresa - Pozzolengo (BS)

It has a bright and consistent greenish yellow. [We see some small bubbles here and there which disappear after about ten minutes in the glass, a symptom of a small alcoholic refermentation in the bottle]. The nose is very very delicate, quite complex and pleasant with notes of white peach, acacia honey, lemon peel and wild flowers. In the mouth it is a little sparkling. However fresh and balanced, I trust to taste an intact bottle again to appreciate it as it deserves.

Here you can find more information about the Lugana Cheers Box Ceresa.

ceresa wine lugana consortium lugana

"Adele" Lugana Riserva DOC 2019, Sgreva - Sirmione (BS)

It has a straw yellow color with green gold reflections, bright and consistent. The nose is fine, complex and delicate with notes of aromatic herbs, spices, orange peel and yellow peach. In the mouth it is characteristic, coherent, well balanced, with a pronounced pseudocaloric content, but not invasive and with a good structure. Long apricot finish. Undoubtedly a table wine, perfect to accompany a duck with orange or fresh homemade pasta with poultry sauces.

Find out more about the Lugana Cheers Box Sgreva here.

sgreva wine lugana reserve

Lugana Spumante DOC, Malavasi - Sirmione (BS)

This is the only bottle I haven't opened today. This magnum bottle of sparkling wine asked me to open it on New Year's Eve ... and how can you blame her? So to find out about my tasting you will have to wait for the first article of 2022… 😉

Here you can find more information about the Lugana Cheers Box Malavasi.

lugana sparkling wine malavasi

But the thing that I liked the most is the idea of ​​the Lugana CheersBox Dinner: 10 stops in 10 Brescia restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes prepared with some ingredients from the boxes and paired with the wines from the boxes with the possibility of buying them directly on site at a promotional price. You can consult the menus here (scroll the whole page, they are at the bottom after the boxes), the one to be held the day after tomorrow at the Tavernetta Maria Callas Restaurant + Cascina Maddalena and Ca 'Lojera inspires me a lot! I love the citrus marinated trout, indeed I take this opportunity to share my recipe! 😋

I wish you a bubbly party, with lots of it Lugana wine and a thousand smiles!



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