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Champagne and food: pairings for the summer

Champagne, a famous and fine wine of French origin, is extremely versatile, so much so that it is perfect for both a wedding and an evening with friends. After all, its sparkling and brilliant taste has made every event and occasion special since the XNUMXth century, ...

Bolgheri wine: the vertical of Podere conca

Put a sunny early summer morning and a small secret garden in the heart of Milan ... here begins a splendid tasting in the house of Dr. Silvia Cirri, head of Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Intensive Care "in the week" and CEO of ...

Selva di Val Gardena: Granbaita Gourmet

Today I want to talk to you about a pearl of Val Gardena: the Granbaita Gourmet restaurant in Selva di Val Gardena! Thanks to the talent of chef Andrea Moccia I was able to live, together with my husband and other guests, a truly special experience. Gourmet dinners like this ...

AIS wine tasting sheet: visual examination

The observation of the wine in the glass allows to evaluate the clarity, the color with its nuances and the consistency, replaced by the perlage in the case of sparkling wines. The first phase of the tasting is the visual examination - which is also the first point of the card ...

Abruzzo wines: I invite you to travel

I invite you to travel ... as my beloved Franco Battiato sang, in a country, indeed a splendid region: Abruzzo. I find that this song, so sweet and melancholy, is perfect to describe his places, populated not only by Abruzzo wines that deserve to ...

Phrases about wine: aphorisms and the most beautiful quotes

Several years ago I had already collected many phrases about wine from famous people in an article, but today I want to bring it back with a more orderly look and enriched with many funny aphorisms about wine. If you are looking for wine quotes to write the ...

Restaurant Guide: do you want to collect emotions?

It has been several months since I was at the presentation of the Buon Ricordo 2022 Restaurants Guide, do you remember? I had studded Instagram with photos and videos of splendid dishes! And already a couple of years ago in this article I recommended three new features ...

News from my wine blog

There are Chiara Bassi, author of Perlage Suite: Wine Blog Italian dedicated to wine, in particular to the didactics for sommeliers and sparkling wines. Here you will find the best strategies to learn a sell your wine in Italy and abroad, the notes to pass the AIS exam and become a sommelier and my personal opinions on wine events, wineries and the most interesting wines in the world.

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Phrases about wine

The most beautiful phrases, quotations, aphorisms about wine!

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This wine blog is dedicated to those who follow a sommelier course and is looking for some sommelier notes pdf to consult in print, which I am happy to have collected in this book which has sold thousands of copies and garnered tons of rave reviews from aspiring sommeliers and winelovers. 😍

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