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500 bubbles in 500 | Sparkling Wines Guide

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The best 500 Italian sparkling wines told in 360 color pages.

Binding: Paperback in high-strength polyurethane glue
Pages: 360 + Cover
Format: 29,7 x 13,2 cm
Cover: Matt Coated Paper 350 g matt laminated
Internal pages: Matt Coated Paper 115g
Tailoring: Single envelope

Publication date: December 2017
ISBN: 978-88-943070-0-9
Retail price: 25,30 €
First and only collector's edition



We have always wanted a sparkling wine guide tailored for a wineloverA book so engaging that makes you imagine tasting what you see and what you read. An object that is easy to consult, without a million symbols to learn by heart. And it's light and comfortable to carry in your bag or backpack when traveling. And so smart that it can answer any question you have about that wine, from the months on the yeast to the residual sugar. With 500 bubbles in 500 this idea has become reality. It has everything you ask a guide for sparkling wines, and much more.


500 BUBBLES IN 500 | Sparkling wine guide - Curiosities:

Inspired by the first Fiat 500C of the 1957, to which I honored the form and the price for his 60esimo birthday:

  • Format: 1 / 10 of the first Fiat 500C or 29,7 x 13, 2 cm (the car was 2,97 x 1,32 meters)
  • Price: 1 / 10 of the first Fiat 500C or 25,30 € (the car cost 490.000 ₤ or € 253)


500 BUBBLES IN 500 | Sparkling Wine Guide - Press Review:



Travel Impressions: Read the full article

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Weight 850 g
Dimensions: 297x132x22mm

First Edition - 2018 [FROM COLLECTION], Second Edition 2019

24 reviews for 500 bubbles in 500 | Sparkling Wines Guide

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  1. Davide I. (Verified owner) -

    Excellent guide of bubbles of the vast Italian panorama. We pass from the most well-known names to the lesser ones, also passing through the characteristic local “food and / or lodging”. To have and consult all the time….

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  2. savoy ramon (Verified owner) -

    It is well written, it is original, it is written with passion and professionalism .. compliments Chiara, Ramon.

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  3. ANTONIO ERMENEGILDO SUMAN (Verified owner) -

    Beautiful guide on bubbles in Italy, precise and interesting descriptions of the various scents. Thanks to this guide I discovered gems - Recommended

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  4. MIchele Casanova Crepuz (Verified owner) -

    I like the guide because unlike others it provides useful information without being too "affected"; useful information not only about wines but also places to eat or stay. Interesting guide because few guides (maybe only yours) speak in detail about the bubbles. The format, perhaps, to be reviewed.

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  5. Emilio Manzi (Verified owner) -

    From the few pages read a lot, thanks

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  6. Massimiliano P. (Verified owner) -

    Guide done very well, you can see the passion of the author

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  7. Daniele Rossi (Verified owner) -

    Very pleasant, well done, you can read with pleasure thanks to a non-rigid and old-fashioned approach. Bring a touch of freshness to wine guides.

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  8. Leonardo De Rosa (Verified owner) -

    Useful and very well written guide. For the moment I am reading the first part but it promises well.
    I'll let you know as you go.
    Good job.

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  9. Federico (Verified owner) -

    A new thing, really nice even for the original format !!!

    The reading is easy and immediate since it was written in a simple and understandable way to the majority of people ...

    I find the advice on where to eat and sleep very useful.

    Compliments Chiara good job!

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  10. bruno pollero (Verified owner) -

    Very nice setting and graphics - a new and nice setting! Well done!

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  11. Stefano Properzi (Verified owner) -

    I liked the guide immediately, before leafing through it, already knowing the proportions with the first 500. The contents immediately appear very interesting for me as I have just begun to approach the world of Italian and non-Italian bubbles (I am a wine lover but mainly by rossi). Historical notes and anecdotes open the way for you to get to real driving in a more conscious way. Info, data sheets and descriptions help and intrigue you at the same time in case you want to deepen products you have never tried before. It's useful, period. What a guide should be primarily. If I really have to find a flaw for it is the format, the brilliant reference to 1/10 of the measures of the 500, but it is a bit uncomfortable to browse if you find yourself without a support, such as sofa or armchair, better if resting on a surface. Despite this small personal detail (maybe only me it remains a little uncomfortable) it is really nice and well done.
    Thank you.
    Keep it up.

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  12. RICCARDO FRATUS (Verified owner) -

    hello but I haven't arrived yet as soon as he arrives I'll tell you soon

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  13. Nicoletta Loreti (Verified owner) -

    An original guide in step with the times. Fun and educational. I recommend it to all lovers of bubbles who want to deepen the technical and historical aspect of this wonderful product.

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  14. Armando (Verified owner) -

    Mamma mia how beautiful she is! It's a work of art, I keep it in plain sight in my studio to make it known to all my friends… :-). I immediately perceived from the first pages that it was written with passion and love, by a person who knows how to write and tell, a cultured person who loves good wine and speaks to wine lovers. Leafing through it is almost like reading a novel; I go through all the regions and, page after page, I discover one winery at a time, with its history, with its color photos, with the tastings carried out with care and described in detail, it seems to me to live the same experiences as those who 'he wrote. To the blogger, the sommelier and the artist I offer my heartfelt congratulations! I perceive culture, beauty, many colors and emotions in every detail! I didn't expect so much difference from the usual endless catalog, made up of thin black and white pages, with generic indications with which to orient myself more or less at random; I feel instead that I will learn a lot from this beautiful and careful selection of bubbles that will accompany me, with all its advice, on the trips I love to do
    to discover our wonderful country. You left your mark with this lively, rich and colorful story of yours! Thanks for this gift, I will also make precious gifts ... :-)

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  15. giacoma polimeni (Verified owner) -

    Happy to have purchased the guide! Very well done with lots of information ... congratulations Chiara! A hug 🙂

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  16. Gianluca Zavatta (Verified owner) -

    Guide different from the usual not only for the fact of being totally dedicated to sparkling wines, but for the easy usability, the clarity in the comments and the absence of scores for each wine. Beautiful the format, it could be a bit 'the internal graphics, but I'm sure the next editions will be even better!

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  17. Andrea B. (Verified owner) -

    A beautiful style, a beautiful shape and a nice content. It differs from the usual. It really deserves!

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  18. Sonia Santolino Bucci (Verified owner) -

    I'm still reading the guide. I really liked the introduction and how you divided the national territory. Nice idea to also indicate places to sleep and eat. Beautiful photos…. fantastic ones starring also the volpino 🙂 For sure I will find many ideas for my future tastings

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