Have you ever wondered whether organic wine is a fad or a synonym for quality? Whether you're a bubbly enthusiast (like me) or a sommelier (like me), it's never too late to delve into an oenological topic destined never to go out of fashion! That's why I decided to associate it with Riccardo Fratus and its Riccafana... who surprised me more than many others with his zero-zero Franciacorta wine.

I leave early, heading for Milan. Like every day, my beloved Lake Iseo excites and soothes me, filling my soul with happiness. I met Riccardo Fratus at Enoteca 21 in Piazza Duomo when, in collaboration with Alessia Berlusconi winemaker at La Contessahe presented a couple of his splendid Franciacorta wines... which made me think he deserved a visit to the winery! And so, towards the end of the day, Riccardo had the patience to wait for me (I was stuck in traffic... and in a series of bad words towards zone C... ) at the winery to tell me about his Franciacorta Method and drink more than one glass of Franciacorta Zero together.


The Franciacorta Zero Zero (zero dosage, zero sulphites) is an excellent product, elegant and edgy as I like it. Certainly a niche wine, not for everyone... but capable of pleasing a fan of bubbles to the core! I know, perhaps I am being a little restrictive, but in my opinion, those who love Franciacorta drink Dosaggio Zero first and foremost... then the rest is up for discussion! If it were up to me, I would only drink freshly disgorged Franciacorta... (in this regard, I would like to thank Stefano Cola for having disgorged one in front of me, but that's another story!)

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through organic Franciacorta with Riccardo Fratus? This sentence about Coluche wine gives us the right push! 😀

[Tweet "Jesus turned water into wine. No wonder 12 disciples followed him everywhere."]


 The La Riccafana winery was bought by Riccardo Fratus' father in 1973 from a local entrepreneur famous in the area because he invented the famous Cicciobello doll... at the time it was a Lombard farmhouse dating back to 1413 in need of complete renovation... today the land extension reaches 14 hectares of vineyards plus 5 hectares of mounts. The first extension of 800 square metres was made in 1992, above which is the roof garden. The maximum production is 13 hectares of Franciacorta and 1 hectare of Rosso Riserva, no curtefranca... 100,000 bottles in 2 commercial brands, the Fratus born from the surname of Riccardo Fratus, which is marketed exclusively by a Sienese Chianti Classico winery "Rocca delle Macie", which accounts for 35% of the annual turnover. Riccardo Fratus' philosophy is 'Step by step' in both business and commercial investments... and I have always shared it with my customers on the web:

[Tweet "The finish line is closer for those who take one step after the other."]

Riccardo tells me his story, with the passion of someone who has made a life choice and an entrepreneurial flair that I am sure will make a difference. The brand Riccafana was born in 2014, and stands on the market differently from Fratus, which has a more sugary and 'ruffian' disgorgement. The production philosophy goes hand in hand with the climate, which is why, depending on the harvest year, the agronomist and oenologist implement precise protocols developed according to the ripeness of the grapes and the situation of the plots... in short, according to the raw material obtained thanks to the climate, the product is born! The parcelling out of the fields allows difficult and risky vinification but with excellent results. The liqueurs are not particularly elaborate, neither for the Riccafana nor for the Fratus. As oenologist Angelo teaches, sugar is a nasty beast for Metodo Classico Franciacorta because it tends to oxidise the product quickly, giving it a bitter aftertaste due to the fact that the acids do not harmonise with the sugar.


I tasted the entire production of Franciacorta Riccafana... Of all of them, the wine that convinced me most was the Franciacorta DOCG Brut Rosé Millesimato Pinò Negher Territori Riccafana... and I would bet a lot on this if I were Riccardo. A beautiful light onion-skin pink, almost salmon-coloured, worthy of the best Rosé Champagnes, this wine made entirely from organic Pinot Noir grapes undergoes soft pressing and fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, then matures for 6 months in steel tanks. It then matures for at least 30 months on the lees, its perlage is fine and persistent... and it has a truly rounded taste, with an elegant nose of liquorice tempered by balsamic notes. Truly, I find it one of the best Franciacorta Rosé wines (along with that of La Montina, which, however, is a little less elegant on the nose because it is slightly more 'vinous'), without bothering with the excellent Anna Maria Clementi of Ca' del Bosco which, however, is in a much higher price bracket!


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And let's cultivate new emotions is the motto that La Riccafana successfully embodies in every bottle. Riccardo then is truly a character, and it is a pleasure to uncork one of his excellent bottles with him! In January 2016, this Zero Zero was still a little edgy, but I am convinced that if I go back to the cellar in a few months it will be spectacular!

Riccardo Fratus puts a lot of emphasis on organic... and what can I say, who am not a fan of organic wine? While for me it is much more fashion than substance, a bit like Ca' del Bosco's Grape SPA, this time I recognise that the resulting product is excellent. I was also recently at Barone Pizzini, who proclaim themselves to be the proponents of organic. I don't give a damn whether a wine is organic or not, I care that it is good 😉 I'll tell you more about Barone Pizzini's Franciacorta soon, but in the meantime I suggest you get yourself an excellent bottle of Franciacorta Rosé Millesimato Pinò Negher by Riccafana and give a kiss to the person you love!

Love and be happy, always. For your smiles are the product of your heart.

A hug,


P.S. Yes, I still have the Christmas tree. But I really like the soft light it makes, and I enjoy it every night from the couch. And if it goes on like this, I think I'll enjoy it in August too! 😀

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