Today I'm too tired to write an article... but since my beloved wine blog Perlage Suite has been missing me too much, I'll say goodnight with an evening thought. The air is pervaded with the reassuring scent of my mother's ossobuchi, Dad is icing the Sicilian cassata he prepared to console my heartache... and I am downloading the photos I took this afternoon on the computer with the RX100M4.

Today I was at the Nicolucci Farm to fix the last things before the launch of their new website, a job I am very proud of because it is coming along very very nicely... but you will see it in a few days 😉

Well a small thought to say thank you to Sony for supporting my sparkling wine guide 500 bubbles in 500 by sending me the brand new RX100M4 which I find an absolute gem! I haven't had a chance to try out all the functions yet because it only arrived a few days ago and I only bought a better performing SD card today because mine had really made history! At the Trony in Faenza I found this card SD Sony 32 GB I really liked it for its reading and writing speed, absolutely much better than the others on sale! It's just a shame that at Trony I paid €39.90 for it and on Amazon today I saw it for €31... what a rip-off, the rush!

However, I took really spectacular photos and if I have to say the strong point of the Sony RX100M4 is its ability to take bright pictures with very little light and no flash!

nicolucci farm historical cellars

Another feature I love is the precision of detail combined with noise reduction: sharp photos full of detail!

nicolucci farm passolo wine

Another thing I loved was how I managed to capture the sun's rays!

romagna vineyards

Maybe having had this little gem of a camera in Provence... buth, in the end it doesn't matter any more! Yesterday I stopped making the photo album I had started as a travel diary and cancelling the work made me feel terribly sad. Loving a person who doesn't love you or doesn't know what Love is gives an incredible sense of emptiness. Losing control and overreacting out of anger at not being understood, and then the exasperation of a cyclically repeating tug-of-war over unbridled possessiveness... all this is not like me.

There, today I realised that I have to (re)find my balance and self-confidence.

But when I take a sip of wine, everything passes, if only for a few moments. Tasting a glass of Sangiovese Riserva Vigna del Generale 2008, I smiled several times. Wine is also this: an ideal companion that improves with age.

I have listened, adored, cursed

your every heartbeat

until time passes

to the point of giving up feeling mine.

See you soon,


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