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Today I want to talk to you about Treedom and why I decided to create this forest in which plant a tree different every month. I have chosen to sell my book "Sommelier: the illustrated manual" in print only. First of all I think it is extremely convenient to study as I consider the kindle format suitable only for reading novels, essays or poems. When you study, you underline, highlight, write and leaf through the pages. Then I'm a nostalgic for books in general and e-books will never have me. I tried, really. But a book releases tactile sensations in me that I cannot give up. In the end a paper book is greener than a digital book.

I know, it looks amazing! Yet the paper book is much better than an e-book for many reasons. To begin with, the life cycle is extremely longer than an electronic device, then you don't even need continuous recharging and batteries. Without going into detail, to produce and transport a paper book about 3 kg of CO2 are consumed while for an e-book the consumption is over 40 kg of CO2. Therefore, those who do not print a book and opt for an e-book or a kindle with the excuse of respecting the environment are either being smart or do not know what they are saying.

treedom co2 book

On the other hand, there is a real problem of deforestation also caused by the printing of paper books. To respect the environment as much as possible, I chose to print "Print on demand“, A system that costs me much more than mass printing, but which drastically cuts down on paper waste and the production of waste. In fact, every month, based on the sales of the previous months and years, I print only the copies that we plan to sell the following month.

However, I am aware that this is not enough and that much more is needed to help our beautiful planet. For this reason, when I came across the Treedom website, I fell madly in love. Treedom was born in Florence in 2010 thanks to its CEO Federico Garcea and has since planted over 2,4 million trees in Italy, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The best thing for me is that all the trees are planted directly by local farmers and this not only produces environmental benefits, but also social and economic benefits. To date, Treedom has helped over 146.000 farmers by directly financing small agroforestry projects and thus creating sustainable ecosystems capable of guaranteeing food sovereignty and a source of income.

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Treedom starts the agroforestry project, builds the nursery and produces the seedlings. It trains farmers on the best practices of agroforestry together with universities and local research bodies and distributes the plants to them as soon as they are ready to be planted. It also covers all costs as long as the tree does not give the farmer an income, helping to reduce poverty and encouraging the creation of local micro-enterprises.

If you buy a tree on Treedom you will receive the GPS coordinates of the tree which is registered in the public register with a unique ID. You can choose the tree based on 4 criteria: food safety, CO2 absorption, economic development and environmental protection. You can follow its growth through the tree diary and have environmental and social updates.

For example, the first tree I chose was a coffee plant that has a score of 1 on environmental safety, 2 on CO2 absorption, 10 on economic development and 3 on environmental safety. I named him after my dad, Daniele Bassi, in his memory on the third anniversary of his death. My dad loved coffee very much. I am thrilled to know that in Sensi in Kenya there is a farmer who cultivates this tree with love and in the years to come he will derive an income from us that will help to maintain his family with dignity. At this moment in Sensi I am 2 hours ahead, the night is clear and it is 17 ° C. I can't wait to receive in the diary the photo of the plant in the nursery, the photos of the growing tree and even virtually get to know the farmer who will take care of it for the next decades.

Here, these are the things you can see on the tree log. For example this is the my dad's coffee tree diary which I gave to my mother on December 18th. Yes, because the great thing is that you can also give these trees as a gift and they are a really beautiful gift. You can choose whether to print a card (obviously on recycled paper) as I did (which I will give to my mom on Saturday ... in fact she doesn't know about this gift yet and if she doesn't read my blog until then it will be a surprise!) Or send a electronic card by e-mail.

treedom gives away a tree

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Thus was born my forest which I named after my book: "Sommelier: the illustrated manual" and every month I will plant a tree there. For this Christmas I have planted 5 trees, the minimum number to start this small project of plantingHow much does it cost to plant a tree? Trees are affordable for everyone: from € 16,90 for a cocoa to € 69,90 for a Baobab. If you don't know which tree to choose, you can follow theTrees horoscope and choose for € 24,90 a different tree according to the zodiac sign. By planting this tree, in addition to updates from the project, you will also receive the sign's horoscope every month.

I have chosen to give everyone the opportunity to plant in my forest because I would like those like me who believe in environmental sustainability and have read my book to help me populate it by planting a tree. A small gesture for himself, but also an idea green gift for this Christmas. It is 22:33 pm on December 22nd: if you still have some last minute gifts what do you think about planting a tree HERE in my forest? If you choose the gift option, your ticket will be created automatically, ready to be delivered by hand or sent by e-mail. This is a gift that will really make you look beautiful and that will last for years: because for years the diary will be updated giving unexpected small emotions to those who receive it.

Riccardo Alessandrini treedom

[In photo Riccardo Alessandrini, Forestry Manager of Treedom]

I sincerely hope I have inspired you a Christmas gift different and precious at the same time. Giving a tree as a gift is a beautiful gesture and if you plant a tree in my forest it will be the best feedback you can give me for my work and my books. However, if you do not feel like planting it, remember that this forest was born and will grow also thanks to you who bought my book "Sommelier: the illustrated manual".

Heartfelt thanks from me, from our beloved planet and from all the farmers and communities we will help together.



PS In the cover photo the Yankee Candle "Christmas Cookie "in large jar, one of the best of my life. A cuddle that I allow myself this Christmas to relax while I write. It tastes like freshly baked vanilla biscuits, it is very intense and just keep it on for a few hours to perfume the room for the whole day. I love it.

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