Dear winelover,

At 1.30am on Sunday night I can finally go to bed. As I promised you a few days ago, I have prepared a map of Vinitaly with the wineries and wines that I recommend you taste! Obviously this map is constantly evolving: from tomorrow morning I will be at Vinitaly and as I get home I will add something for your tastings on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Let me preface this by saying that of many of the wineries I have included, I have tasted the wines at AIS Milan Congress - Enozioni and so for some excellence I agree with the beautiful 2016 AIS Vitae guide. Other wines I tasted at Welcome Brunello still last year with Andrea... by the way! I can't wait until tomorrow to meet up with Laura and Andrea, who will also be at Vinitaly... it's a shame I won't be able to spend much time together as I'm 'bounced' from one pavilion to another to taste the previews of some wineries (which will be a surprise).

I have included from the large winery that produces millions of bottles to the small winery that does not even produce 10,000, from the famous winery to the unknown one... without prejudice!

Definitely going to say hello Alessia Berlusconi and Riccardo Fratus because I promised them, Max and Morena TreRè, Annabelle and Michele de La MontinaFabrizio and Fabio of Sylla Sebaste and someone else too! But who am I going to tell tomorrow night! 😀 (Ah, I will also swoon with theAnna Maria Clementi Riserva di Ca' del Bosco and I will make a great aperitif with the Palazzo Lana Extreme by Guido Berlucchi recently tasted at Identità Golose!)

If you were at Vinitaly today, what was it like? What impressions did you have? Leave me a comment and tell me about your experience! 😉

Do you know the wineries I have listed? What do you think? Good night! In 4 hours I have to get up... to take the little train in Pisogne towards Verona... help 😛


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