Yesterday I was a real magician because I managed to reconcile 4 things in 4 hours (it never happens to me), and I liked the last of the 4 so much that I decided to share it with you, flying, in this article. I was in the area Brescia for work, so I decided to go and try Zushi Japanese Restaurant which was just 5 km from where I was. Those who know me know that I have had a real sickness for Japan practically forever: Banana Yoshimoto, Habenaria Radiata OrchidHaikara-san ga Tōru, Tokyo and, of course, the Sushi.

Zushi Japanese Restaurant was founded in 2006 in Verona thanks to the passion for sushi and Japan of entrepreneur Christian Gaifa. It is in fact a chain of fusion restaurants, which I would call Japanese with an Italian twist. The format has an international slant and you can see it in every detail, from the design of the rooms to the style of the staff, and mixes Made in Italy with Japanese Culture with cutting-edge digital developments.

Out of personal bias (I am still a web designer), the first thing I did was look at the website (also to figure out how to get there by car... luckily the one in Brescia has parking in front of it and is not in a restricted traffic zone! I saw that you can choose between dine in (restaurant), take away (order and take away) and delivery (home delivery). Nice, you're not opening a branch in Castro, are you? 😀 So before arriving I had already chosen what to eat:

  • Single sushi: Sake (salmon) and avocado (45 kcal)
  • Single sushi: Ikura (salmon roe) (52 kcal)
  • Sushi puffs: Zushi Bignè (Sicilian red prawns, burrata cheese, smoked herring roe, courgette) (63 kcal)
  • Sushi puffs: Suzuki Bignè (sea bass tartare, truffle oil, tobikko, guacamole) (58 kcal)
  • Sushi puffs: Ikura Bignè (Salmon tartare, quail egg, teriyaki sauce, ikura) (60 kcal) x 2 pieces
  • Temaki: Sake Temaki (Salmon, philadelphia, avocado) (136 kcal)
  • Temaki: Safado Temaki (salmon tartare, lettuce, chives, mayo, almonds) (142 kcal)

In short, with (only?) 616 kcal I'm no longer hungry... (wine doesn't count in the daily calories, does it? or am I really done for!!). I really liked this thing of putting the calories next to each morsel of sushi on the menu... that is, I'm (more or less) on a diet and so I realise how much I eat/exhaust myself! It has to be said that sushi is a relatively light food and also substantial because thanks to the rice it is filling! And in a time where being overweight is a real problem I find it a wonderful (and healthy) idea! In fact of sushi puffs with salmon and quail egg I had only ordered one, but I liked it so much that I asked the waiter for another one because I wanted to finish my dinner with it! I must say that this sushi bite was a mystical experience, so kudos to the  Sushi Chef Jose Louis Rojas for conceiving it!


All in all, I really liked this Zushi Japanese Restaurant in Brescia: the fish is of good quality, the sushi is freshly prepared and the seaweed is not mushy, the combinations are delicious, the venue is attractive and the wine list is limited but quite interesting. The prices are fair in relation to the quality of the food served: the bites are priced between €2 and €6, then there are the multi-piece dishes that cost within €14. Definitely a quality and safe alternative to the Chinese all-you-can-eat fast food disguised as Japanese that has invaded our peninsula! Don't you personally wonder what you are eating when for 15/20 € you can order the whole menu in industrial quantities?

I paired it with Bortolomiol's Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. Extra Dry Millesimato, which with its nose of pear, acacia and residual sugar enhances the salinity and aromaticity of the Sushi excellently. An excellent prosecco, also to be considered in my Sparkling Wine Guide 500 bubbles in 500 😉

See you soon,


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