It is just after midnight, which means that it is the 9 June, AIS election day 2018. Although I have had little presence on Facebook these days because I have been working so much, for that little I have seen that this voting thing is at least getting out of hand. The result of all this is that the spirit of association is lost in favour of mere economic interest. Because let's face it, this is about money and power. AIS presidents and delegates have a remarkable turn of events in their hands, and around these revolve brands and people in the most diverse positions. One consequence of this is that the people who revolve around these posts have a rather varied intellectual honesty.

I always stay away from politics, whether it is our country or the AIS. A little out of disinterest, a little out of lack of trust. I can say that Hosam, the Milan delegate, I know personally and he has always made a good impression on me, while Fabio Mondini, the Monza delegate, and I have never spoken, but in my eyes he has devalued himself a little with the management of the website and social promotion of these elections, creating a character that I would almost describe as grotesque.

With the premise that this article is not a criticism of Fabio Mondini, whom I do not know personally (if anything, I would review who looks after his image), I would like to quote a post that Hosam published on his Facebook profile, with the aim of triggering a constructive debate on both sides.

Dear Friends,
the story you will read below is related to some evidence found regarding registrations, for this social year, in AIS Lombardia, particularly in the Monza-Brianza delegation, which saw an uneven increase in membership (908 members registered as at 28/2/2018, almost double the number in previous years).
This appears relevant when one considers that the aforementioned delegation, data in hand, did not increase either the number of courses or social events, which remained absolutely in line with the past.
In view of the unusual situation, I requested the intervention of the National President Antonello Maietta, Fiorenzo Detti of Lombardy, and a member of the AIS national auditors who carried out a spot check on 50 people, chosen from among the new members mentioned above, and who, after careful investigation, came up with the following
1- all 50 payments were made on the dates between 23 and 28 February 2018;
2- all payments were made in cash at the post office in Barlassina;
3- all 50 enrolled did not attend any courses.

Following the Auditor's checks, the matter was then submitted to the Probiviri (the national board appointed to settle internal legal disputes), precisely because of the unusual circumstance that a very significant number of people, 471 to be precise, all of them paid by postal bulletin at the Barlassina office, 315 to be exact, all without ever having attended events organised by the Association or taken part in courses, decided to enrol in the Monza-Brianza delegation in the space of just 5 days, paying in cash with slips made at the same post office in Barlassina.
Following this evidence, which concerns one of the Lombardy delegations, I feel it is my duty to inform all members in view of the forthcoming vote, precisely because it will see the election, among other bodies, of the regional president.
I therefore invite all Lombardy's members to go to the polling stations on 9 June to cast their vote and to strongly support that 'MAKING A TEAM MAKES YOU UNIQUE'!

Affectionate greetings, Hosam


Hosam Eldin Abou Eleyoun, the AIS Milan delegate and Fiorenzo Detti, the AIS Lombardy president

At this point I would have liked to know how Fabio Mondini responds to this post, which is really very heavy. I have tried writing to him privately on Facebook, but I am still waiting for a reply. So I am quoting the post I saw on the wall of his Facebook page, and if Fabio Mondini has something to add I invite him to do so in a comment:

Dear members,
A few hours now separate us from the vote for the regional presidency of the Ais. An appointment that may finally represent a turning point in the development of our association.
I stand as an element of discontinuity after the eight years of Fiorenzo Detti's presidency. Those who know me well know that I cannot sit idly by and that I do not know how to be content: concepts such as participation, training, and sharing are the basis of my way of acting both in a professional and associative context.
It was precisely for this reason that many people approached our association on the occasion of the election, convinced that we can turn the Ais into a meeting and training place - at various levels - for everyone. Not just for trainees or tasters. The association is beautiful and alive when it stops being a caste and, on the contrary, opens its doors wide to everyone.
Unfortunately, instead of talking about programmes, these days the opposing side has taken it upon itself to discredit me. I bear no grudge.
I am thinking of the programme I am committed to, of the people who are helping me, of the many members I have met in recent days. Strong not only in my ideas, but also in a first-rate team supporting me, made up of professionals in the sector who certainly need no introduction. I am for an Ais open to all, but also for a quality project. My person, my experience, my projects, are a guarantee for everyone. Now, however, we also need your decisive contribution: go to the polls on 9 June and choose change by voting for Fabio Mondini.

Fabio Mondini

And then again:

The Board of Arbitrators, meeting unanimously, considers that, as things stand: - there are no subjective prerequisites for initiating disciplinary proceedings; - from an objective examination of the documentation made available, there are no violations of the bylaws and regulations with reference to the method of registration of new members of the Monza and Brianza delegation.
Fabio Mondini

Fabio Mondini and Annalena Valenti, daughter of the late AIS founder Jean Valenti. She said she supported Mondini because her father would have made the same choice.

I do not know what to think of the whole affair, but I have one firm certainty. Poor AIS, how badly you've gone downhill! I don't know if Jean Valenti would really have supported Fabio Mondini in light of what has been reported, but I am certain that if he were still alive he would be disgusted by these power games that are light years away from the spirit of the Association. After all, I walked away from AIS first for this very reason, although I thank you for the wonderful training you gave me.

What can I say? We await the epilogue of this antics of the 2018 AIS Elections. Hopefully it will be quick and painless, and above all cthat light be shed on these 470 new members of the Monza delegation in order to take appropriate countermeasures, one way or another.



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