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If you are attending a sommelier course maybe you already know mine sommelier's manual dedicated to students who have to take theAIS sommelier exam (or any other association). In this article I don't want to tell you how to become a sommelier, but rather recommend you one sommelier book that you should add to your collection of educational texts. My book Sommelier: the illustrated manual, now in its third edition, it is being renewed these days and this is the first of the two articles that I will dedicate to its change.

When I was attending the AIS sommelier course I was looking for a book on wine just like this one. As I wrote on the back cover: "This book was born from my need, when I was an aspiring sommelier, to have a memorandum, a well-organized, streamlined and intuitive notebook on which to study. Between home and work I had very little time and I used every free moment to study, from the train to various and eventual waits.
In this book you will find all my notes on wine and food that I collected during the AIS courses, the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and over the course of almost 8 years as a wine blogger. I sincerely hope it will be useful to you".

I wrote the first version of this book - which was originally called How to become a sommelier - in 2018 and I published it on the occasion of what I knew would be my father's last birthday, with the desire to give him one last gift. For this reason, even if I have written other books on wine, this one is special for me.

illustrated manual sommelier book chiara bassi

My father has dedicated his whole life tosustainable architecture, he designed the first passive houses in Italy and passed on to me the value of environmental sustainability. Just think that my first blog, which I held from 2011 to 2013, was called bioSophia and I was talking about issues such as climate change, the Kyoto protocol… for me the ecological transition is a crucial issue. This is why I started making this sommelier book sustainable with small steps, starting from the assumption that a paper book - even if it seems difficult to believe in a first analysis - is much more ecological than a digital book.

Also I have created this forest on Treedom and every month I plant a tree and dedicate it to a person who is part - or has been part - of my life and of the people I care about. Up to now I have planted 5 trees and I will plant many more thanks to you. Then, a little reluctantly because I loved the old packaging of the book, I abandoned it because the pepper is made of polystyrene, a non-recyclable material, and the tissue paper is not recycled.

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For the new packaging I chose a completely recycled kraft paper and I replaced the chili pepper with the four-leaf clover that I personally punch from the first page of each book as a lucky charm for the sommelier exam. The logo sticker is also being replaced with a recycled sticker.

illustrated manual sommelier book chiara bassi

The package is closed with Scotch Magic Greener Tape made with over 65% recycled or plant material. The padded envelope with which it is shipped is completely recyclable. Each package is personalized with a stamp and the name of the person who bought the book. I like to think that it is a gift that one gives to oneself… because basically the sommelier course isn't it really a gift you gave yourself?

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Book "Sommelier: the Illustrated Manual" Special Edition 2022

All my notes on wine and food in one book.

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Crush Favini sommelier course

Currently the book is printed on a "normal" 90g paper, but I am happy to announce that a new version will soon be released in Crush Uva and Crush Mais di Favini paper, or papers obtained from waste materials from wine and corn production. . But I'll tell you about that as soon as it is ready… in the meantime, I'll give you the proofs above… aren't these cards beautiful?

Good course for sommeliers!



PS If you are looking for gods sommelier test or questions and answers ais sommelier exam I suggest you read these articles, while if you are looking for the pdf sommelier course handouts I suggest you buy my book: I'm sure it will be useful!

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