Last week I was in Autochthonous is born 2023 by Go Wine and I tasted many excellent wines. In particular, I was happy to (re)appreciate the wines of Emilio Bulfon and since I tasted so many of them and liked them all, I decided to dedicate the first of the two articles I will write about this event to them. Moreover, when it comes to indigenous vines, the work done by this winery is incredible: they have recovered a series of varieties (ros di San Zuàn, cianoros, blanc di San Zuàn, sciaglin, forgiarin, picolit neri, ucelùt) that had practically disappeared and now offer them vinified in purity with great quality.

First of all, however, I would like to thank the Go Wine association which, among others, organises a tasting like this one entirely dedicated to our indigenous grape varieties. Italy's ampeleographic heritage is unique in the world and - especially at a time when the protection of the environment and natural species should be an absolute priority - events like this serve to remind us of the immensity and potential of our oenological heritage.

Emilio Bulfon's wines: my tasting notes

Cividin Tre Venezie IGP 2022, Emilio Bulfon (from blanc de San Zuàn grapes) ❤️❤️

It is bright straw yellow in colour, consistent. The nose is very fresh, mineral, herbaceous and seems related to a good Sauvignon. I recognise notes of apple and white chocolate. In the mouth it is consistent, very fresh, savoury, structured, fine and elegant with a long cedar finish.

Emilio Bulfon Friulian wines Cividin

Sciaglin, Venezia Giulia PGI 2022, Emilio Bulfon (from sciaglin grapes)

It is a brilliant pale straw yellow, consistent. The nose is very delicate with aromatic herb aromas intertwined with an almost incense and walnut note. In the mouth it is warm, consistent, structured, fine and well balanced.

I found the 2022 vintage a little underwhelming (especially on the nose) compared to the 2020, but I trust the bottle and promise to taste it in a few months!

Emilio Bulfon Friulian wines Sciaglin

Blanc di Rugel, Tre Venezie IGP 2022, Emilio Bulfon (from ucelùt grapes) ❤️❤️❤️

It is pale straw yellow and brilliant. The nose is very special, a difficult wine, certainly not for everyone, but one that deserves to be discovered. Intense aromas of star anise, bergamot and coriander. In the mouth it is consistent, with a taste that is difficult to pin down. Balanced, fresh, savoury, structured and very drinkable.

Oh my what a strange wine, practically unmatchable! I really liked it, though...

Emilio Bulfon Friulian wines

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Cianorie, 2021, Emilio Bulfon (from cyanoros grapes) ❤️+

It presents a semi-transparent and consistent ruby red colour. The nose is very pleasant with aromas of cherry, vanilla and a vinous accent. In the mouth it is soft, fresh, consistent and exceptionally drinkable.

A perfect wine always, even in summer served slightly chilled. Of rare pleasantness, I would like to try it with fried fish... it must be wonderful!

Emilio Bulfon Friulian red wines cyanorie

Forgiarin Venezia Giulia PGI 2021, Emilio Bulfon (from Forgiarin grapes) ❤️

It presents itself semi-transparent ruby red, consistent. The nose is more delicate than the Cianorie, but more complex and interesting. The aromas range from porcini mushroom to wet bark and fade into a balsamic note. In the mouth it is soft, fresh, fairly tannic and structured. Long clove finish.

Emilio Bulfon Friulian forgiarin wines

Refosco dal peduncolo rosso Friuli DOP 2021, Emilio Bulfon (from Refosco dal peduncolo rosso grapes)

It is ruby red with violet hues at the edges, very concentrated and consistent. The nose is intense and vinous with very clean red fruit notes. In the mouth it is consistent, with an almost sugary note. It needs to spend at least a few months in the bottle to express itself at its best.

Emilio Bulfon Friulian wines refosco dal peduncolo rosso

Piculit Neri Tre Venezie PGI 2021, Emilio Bulfon (from piculit neri grapes)❤️++

It is semi-transparent ruby red and full-bodied. The nose is delicate and quite complex with notes of black berry fruits, vanilla and tomato leaf. In the mouth it is very soft, fresh, rightly tannic and balanced. Persistent and with excellent potential for evolution in the bottle.

Emilio Bulfon Friulian wines piculit neri

Piculit Neri Tre Venezie IGP 2019, Emilio Bulfon (from Piculit neri grapes)❤️❤️❤️

It is a semi-transparent ruby red, much more concentrated than the piculit neri 2021. The nose is delicate and very complex with notes of cherry, sweet spices and a smoky finish. In the mouth it is very soft, pleasant, consistent and elegant. Long vanilla finish.

Emilio Bulfon Friulian red wines piculit neri

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Sotto Colli 2019, Emilio Bulfon (from ucelùt grapes)

It is an intense straw yellow with amber highlights. The nose is delicate and elegant, all roasted and in particular dominated by walnut. In the mouth it is consistent, a slightly sweet, structured raisin wine that is perfect with blue cheeses.

Emilio Bulfon Friulian raisin wines sottocolli

Moscato Rosa Tre Venezie IGP 2019, Emilio Bulfon (from pink moscato grapes) ❤️❤️

It is bright cherry pink in colour. The nose is broad with intense notes of rose, cherry blossom and fresh cherry. In the mouth it is fresh, soft, very little sweet. Long finish.

Emilio Bulfon Friulian passito moscato rosa wines

Lorenzo Bulfon, Emilio Bulfon's son, and his wife are exquisite people... and then they told me that right in the area of Cividin there is the Val Resia, an area where an early Slavic language is spoken that is particularly interesting from a naturalistic point of view. I hope that these tasting notes inspire you to take a trip to the banks of the Tagliamento river in the province of Pordenone to discover the history of this winery which is also - show -  educational farm and this area as a crossroads of cultures and flavours.

Cheers 🍷


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