Today is exactly one year since the worst day of my life, the day Dad died. Everything has changed this year. I have also renewed my goals, and if there is one thing I have realised now, it is this: I will not rest as long as there is one person in the world who is unaware of his extraordinary nature. How to become a Sommelier book is dedicated to him because the first edition was the last gift I was able to give him and for me that alone is of immense importance. The idea that he was proud of me, that I did him a great favour, is the only thing that matters. My life has been filled with an unbridgeable void since he passed away, and that is why I have decided to focus all my resources on producing an even better book for all of you to dedicate to him. So with all my heart, just today I am happy to present it to you and I am really looking forward to reading your feedback! ❤️

The first thanks I want to say to Rocco Tolfajournalist, author and TV presenter who I am sure you see on Rai 2 in programmes with Marcello Masi "Travelling with Marcello' and 'The Lords of Wine'. Exquisite person with whom I had the pleasure of sharing just last week at dinner at theEmporium of Sale Marasino more than a glass of wine. He wrote me a wonderful preface that is nothing but a mirror of his immense culture. Thank you Rocco, from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

The second thank you I want to say to a person who is so important to me that I sometimes lose my words and whom I love very much, Marco Antonucci. Journalist, architect, lecturer... but above all one of the world's leading experts on oil. You are one of the most beautiful gifts that Lake Iseo has given me, thank you for your wonderful words. ❤️

The third thanks I say to Hosam Eldin Abou Eleyoun, President AIS Lombardia, who gave me this very interesting introduction on the figure of the sommelier already in the first edition and I was happy to repeat it in the second edition as well. Your work is a great source of inspiration for me! The fourth thank you is for a wonderful chef, Marco Sacco, 2 Michelin stars with his restaurant 'Il Piccolo Lago'. I wanted an introduction conceived by a great chef who was also a great entrepreneur and I never had any doubts: not only because Marco cooks very well and opens successful restaurants all over the world, but because for him the lake is life, just like for me.

In the second edition of my How to Become a Sommelier book, I corrected the usability of the graphics by listening to the advice of all of you who bought it and Marco Antonucci, who also proved invaluable here.

The real novelty, however, is the 130 extra pages containing all the chapters of my course 52VITIGNI. This was also a lot of work, but I am sure it will be useful for you to pass the AIS exam or to enrich your knowledge of the most important grape varieties in Italy and the world.

I have also added many pictures that I am sure will be very useful for you to fix and visualise the concepts. 

Above all, I added maps of the Italian wine regions with the key areas and wines as you asked me to! How much I drew... but I must say that it felt like going back to the Liceo Artistico in Ravenna, a school I loved above all else!

I improved the most important wine regions in the world and added two areas: Bugey in France and Mexico in Central America.

130 more pages, a lot more pictures and a lot more work... and of course the printing costs have gone up too! Nevertheless I decided to keep the same price as the first edition because I do this job first and foremost for you!

You can now buy a copy of my book (for yourself or to give as a gift) dedicated to aspiring sommeliers and sommelier or scroll down the page to continue reading the article.

Book "Sommelier: the Illustrated Manual" Special Edition 2024

All my notes on wine and food in one book.

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Last night it was exciting to prepare all the first shipments. You will find a card and a little gift inside because you were the first to buy the second edition! I can't wait to hear what you think! Thank you all! I would like to inform you that from 24 to 2 January the courier will no longer collect my parcels, so I will proceed with the shipments by 23 December and then resume on 3 January. However, I invite you to buy books during these 10 days of closure so that you don't risk having to wait for new deliveries and have absolute priority!

I also dedicate this new edition to my dad, whom I love and miss above all else.

Buenos Aires, 6 November 1956 - Faenza, 18 December 2018

A hug to you all ❤️


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