What am I cooking tonight? After a rather stressful day at work spent freaking out behind the couriers, I felt like preparing a quick and tasty dinner. And since my husband just called me and told me that he bought the pesto alla genovese fresh, I thought I would prepare the noodles. La homemade pasta quick to prepare (it takes less than 15 minutes) is perfect for a quick and tasty dinner. And it makes you look great! La pasta with pesto then it's good for everyone, including vegetarians. What's not to love?

All right, it won't exactly be a light dinner... but you know that the egg pasta makes fewer calories? That is why it is adinner idea pretty good, as long as you don't eat too large a portion. To prepare the homemade noodles quickly, I recommend you buy, if you don't already have it, a fresh pasta machine like this. Using it is really easy and the result is perfect, don't get me wrong with the rolling-pin purists!

what I'm cooking tonight pasta with pesto

What I'm cooking tonight: egg noodles recipe

Ingredients for 2 persons

  • 2 extra large fresh yellow eggs
  • 190g semolina flour

To make the fresh pasta nothing else is needed: just two ingredients to prepare a multitude of appetising dishes with your favourite condiments! 

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Step 1. In a high-sided bowl, place the whole eggs and flour and mix for a few seconds with a fork to mix in as much flour as possible.

Step 2. Knead with your hands always inside the bowl, then transfer the dough to a work surface (I normally use the one in the kitchen that I have previously cleaned only with a little white wine vinegar) and knead for 4-5 minutes until a homogeneous, elastic dough is obtained. The dough should be compact, but work very well.

Step 3. Form a loaf and cover with the bowl. Leave to rest for 5-10 minutes. In the meantime prepare the sauce with which you will season the pasta. Tonight I washed and cleaned 34 green beans and diced a large peeled potato and boiled them in the same water in which I cook the pasta.

Step 4. Divide the dough ball in half. Place one half under the bowl to prevent the dough from drying out. Flour the other half and roll it out lightly with a rolling pin (preferably silicone, which is more hygienic), then pass it through the machine.

what I'm cooking tonight homemade pasta

Step 5. Turn the knob to 0: this is the widest thickness. Flour the dough lightly on both sides and pass it through the two cylinders. Turn the dial to 1 and pass the dough through the cylinders. Turn the dial to 2 and pass the dough through the cylinders. Turn the knob to 3 and pass the dough through the cylinders. Turn the dial to 4 and pass the dough through the cylinders. Turn the dial to 5 and pass the dough through the cylinders. Place on the flour-dusted surface and cut into 2 or 3 parts with a pastry cutter. Repeat the process for the second dough roll.

what I'm cooking tonight fresh pasta

Step 6. Dust the pastry rectangles with flour and pass them through the special cylinder for noodles. Cook the resulting noodles in plenty of boiling salted water. Cook in one minute from when they float swollen with white foam. Now stir in your favourite sauce in a saucepan with minimum heat with half a ladle of cooking water. In my case I put the boiled green beans and potatoes, fresh pesto and fresh egg pasta in the wok and stirred well for about a minute, then topped with grated Parmesan cheese.

what I'm cooking tonight tagliatelle recipe

When you want to organise a quick and tasty dinnerto gratify or impress a guest, prepare homemade noodles! In 20 minutes you will have wonderful fresh pasta! As I anticipated for me the best fresh pasta machine is Marcato's Ampia 150 ClassicI bought mine in 2006 and it is still as good as new! You can find it on Amazon at this link on offer for about 49 €! For me, this manual fresh pasta machine is also a great Christmas present that you can give yourself or yourself!

You can season the egg noodles with the sauce of your choice. In summer, I make my own pesto alla Genovese at home, but it is December and the basil hasn't arrived for many months yet. However, this pasta is so good that even a knob of butter from centrifuged cream and a good Parmigiano Reggiano are enough to satisfy the palate!

What wine I paired with it I'll tell you next time.... 😋

Cheers 🍷


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