Tuesday evening Gabriele Scalicia dear sommelier friend and colleague wine blogger of Parole DiVinohad organised together with the staff of Rosee Wine Bar a tasting dedicated to the southern wines. Cute format: each participant brought a bottle from southern Italy to taste together, without an orderly line-up, and Rosée provided us with 'the gruel' so we wouldn't go out wrong and make it home! I had already been to this wine bar in Porta Romana a few days after its opening, and I must say that my first impressions have all been confirmed. So I decided to write down these 5 very valid reasons that would make me, if I lived in Milan, go there for a glass of wine really every night, before going home or going out to a restaurant! 😉

But before I tell you what I think are the 5 good reasons why if I lived in Milan I would pass by Rosée Wine Bar (almost) every night, I want to tell you my impressions of the wines tasted on Tuesday night.

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Selection of wines tasted (#nonsoloSud)

Pigato 2012 - Rocche del Gatto (Liguria)

The first wine tasted was brought by Gabriele: Pigato di Rocche del Gatto 2012. How? He's not from southern Italy but from Liguria? Oh well, as Gabriele said, he's from the Riviera di Levante, which in Liguria is further south than the Riviera di Ponente. Here. As for the choice, I must say that I have a lot of respect for Gabriele because he has also let me taste wonderful wines... to stay in the south, I would like to mention the wonderful Sicilian sparkling wine Murgo extra brut, which he let me taste the evening I met Adriana, his girlfriend, whom I really like! Then every now and then he comes out with these oxidised and poorly preserved wines that I personally do not understand... and I try to understand why I like oxidised notes, but in my opinion this one was just out of hand (I had also tasted one from the Marche region whose name I cannot remember in "I Drink Like This' at Olgiate Molgora last month...). Amber yellow in colour, consistent, at the farmhouse it had some interesting notes of crunchy nuts and figs (too ripe). In the mouth it is too warm, the pseudo-calories are exaggeratedly strong, and freshness and acidity are lacking. On the other hand, the finish is long, even in the glass. I almost had to blowtorch it to get rid of that cooked smell. Gabriele swears that it is the vintage... maybe! So I reserve the right to taste another one sooner or later... and change my mind.

"Ivy' Spumante Brut - Roberto Sarotto (Piedmont)

The second wine tasted deserves special mention for its context. I had an appointment with the courier for the delivery of the parcel with the samples between 2 and 2.30 p.m. and he called me at 12 p.m. that he was under the house... so I ran to Lovere not to keep him waiting too long. The ingenious courier had placed the parcel in a spot where I literally smashed my head to get it. It didn't help the kg of ice I kept on it for an hour... I still have a beastly pain in my forehead to this day. That same evening I didn't even feel like going to Milan because I was nauseous from the blow, but my angelic boyfriend Davide offered to accompany me even though he was dead tired because we had gone to bed late the night before. In short, I wanted to take this wine to taste it right away, at least to see if I had cracked my head open for a valid reason. Unfortunately not. A charmat method with certainly fine bubbles, overall elegant, but not very consistent. Aromas of white flowers, broom and pineapple just hinted at. In the mouth, the finish is very short. However, it can be an alternative to 'bar' prosecco because it is certainly drinkable and pleasant. Others liked it.

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"Surrau" Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Spumante Metodo Classico Brut Millesimato 2013 - Vigne Surrau (Sardinia)

I brought this too: one of the samples arrived for my Guida Vini Spumanti directly from the vineyards of Spridda, in Arzachena. It is a soft, brilliant straw yellow. The perlage is fine and very numerous and persistent. The nose is pleasant and elegant, the bread crust of the classic method blends harmoniously into the yellow peach. In the mouth you can really feel the saltiness, the bubbles are very pleasant and creamy even if they are really 'a lot'. I must say I liked it: savouriness, freshness and structure give an elegant wine that ennobles Sardinia's sparkling wines (I am tasting some really good ones!). The finish is long, making it suitable for the whole meal. Provided you prefer fish in carpaccio, steamed or in tempura.

"Maria Stella' Insolia IGT Sicilia - Avide (Sicilia)

The third wine I am presenting is the best Insolia I have ever tasted: Insolia IGT Sicilia 'Maria Stella' by Avide. A beautiful intense straw yellow with golden reflections, it forms regular arches that denote a certain consistency. On the nose I immediately find an almost botrytic note, dandelion, citrus fruits, cut grass then left to dry in the sun. In the mouth it is fresh, very savoury and with a long finish. I have recently tried several Insolia, but of a completely different level. Very good value for money: the bottle costs around €10. I discovered on their website that there is also an unusual 'Riflessi di Sole' which I am very curious to taste at this point!

"Quarta Generazione' Aglianico del Vulture DOC - Paternoster (Basilicata)

Giovanna Paternoster, from the fourth generation of winemakers in the Paternoster family, personally brought us her new Aglianico del Vulture. I was delighted to discover the 'Fourth Generation' line. Ruby red with violet hues. I really like the nose: very toasty and spicy defined aromas, ranging from cloves to fresh coffee, fading into morello cherry under spirits. In the mouth the pseudo-caloric sensations are a little high, and in itself I would be confident that a few months in the bottle can do it a lot of good. The tannin is well amalgamated, but lacks a little freshness. Overall, it is a pleasant, elegant wine with a long finish.

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"Giona" Malvasia delle Lipari DOC Passita 2015 - Giona Hauner (Sicily)

The last wine was brought by Davide, (well naturally since his dad produces it... :P) The colour is beautiful: bright amber yellow. On the nose fresh apricot, jammy fig, chestnut honey, almond and a balsamic note fading into enamel. In the mouth it has great pleasantness thanks to the softness fused perfectly with freshness. In the mouth, there is a nice correspondence with the nose: the apricot fades into a medicinal note with a barley candy and pepper finish. Slightly pronounced pseudocaloricity, but this is a sin of youth given that this is the 2015 vintage. Another 4/6 months of bottle ageing to get the full expression of a Malvasia delle Lipari truly exceptional. Another positive note: I found it less sweet than other Malvasie delle Lipari wines I have tasted recently, and this makes it very drinkable, especially when served chilled (the aromas are so intense that they are not afraid of a few degrees less... and the pseudo-caloric sensation is solved).

And finally, what are these 3 good reasons to drop by Rosée, the Porta Romana wine bar in Milan almost every night?

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  1. L'environment it is soft and polished... perfect for an evening with friends, with the intimacy of an informal business aperitif venue;
  2. There is a nice selection of wines... which, if you like, you can buy and take directly to your home!
  3. La position is excellent: Porta Romana, just a few steps from the metro exit. You can get there almost in front of it by car anyway, but as in all of Milan, parking is a problem...

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Extra bonus: the presence of the piano... I love it!!! One of my biggest regrets is not having learned to play it as well as my grandfather wanted... <3



P.S. As always for the photos I thank Photo Universe for the wonderful Sony RX100 M4 which I love... and which I am slowly learning to use with great personal satisfaction <3

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