Becoming Perlage Suite's sponsor of the month is the most effective way to make yourself known among #winelovers and #sommeliers throughout Italy... and beyond! Not just one advertisement among many, but THE EXCLUSIVITY OF BEING THE ONLY SPONSOR OF THE MONTH OF PERLAGE SUITE, an industry website that boasts between 500 and 1500 unique visitors for over 2000 page views EVERY DAY and growing!

Here are the statistics for June 2015: perlagesuite_analytics

In light blue you can see the countries where Perlage Suite is read regularly. As the colour becomes more intense, it means that the number of visitors is increasing, with a peak in Italy of 12,665 visitors per month out of about 17,000 total. Given the goodness and quality of my readership, I have decided to set up a sponsor page, where each month a company will be featured as a partner of Perlage Suite.

Can everyone become a Perlage Suite sponsor?


ABSOLUTELY NOT! To become an exclusive sponsor of Perlage Suite for a minimum of one whole month, you need to meet 2 basic requirements:


    1. Intellectual honesty first: I only accept as partners serious companies that work with passion and fairness;
    2. companies operating in the world of wine: from wine cellars to companies that produce glasses or trade in yeast, from companies that design wine cellars to companies that produce quality wine service accessories or event promoters to the events themselves. E-commerce sites are also accepted as partner companies provided they specialise in the wine sector. Companies outside the wine world are not accepted as partners as their page would not be of interest to my readers.


What advantages do I have in being an exclusive sponsor of Perlage Suite?

The banner must meet the website's standards of beauty and usability. It may contain an image, a text + logo or just the text.

    1. 1 editorial article in the blog on material provided by the company or 1 report at the company's premises (travel costs to be agreed);
    2. 1 square banner of approximately 300 px on the home page;
    3. 1 square banner of approximately 250 px in all blog articles;
    4. 1 banner in the newsletter - 2 guaranteed minimum mailings per month.


At the end of the sponsorship period, statistics will be provided with the number of banner views, the number of hits on the sponsor company's report/article and the number of conversions on the sponsor's website/Facebook page.


What results should I expect from exclusive sponsorship?


The crystal ball is not real, just as Pinocchio's promises are not real. Even before numbers speak the authoritativeness and quality of the website. Becoming a sponsor of Perlage Suite means consolidating your presence on a highly specialised sector site that guarantees you over 60,000 impressions of your brand every month from #winelovers #sommeliers and #cantine. Perlage Suite: the perfect combination of quality & numbers. Besides... it's one thing to place an advertisement in a scrolling banner with many others... it's another to HAVE EXCLUSIVITY OF THE ENTIRE ADVERTISING FOR A WHOLE MONTH.

How much does it cost me to be the exclusive sponsor of Perlage Suite?

Due to the exponential growth of visitors and their quality, the list is updated every 90 days. Sponsor price list January - February - March 2017:

  1. 1 month: € 600.00
  2. 3 months: € 1,500.00 instead of 1.800,00 €
  3. 6 months: €2,800.00 instead of 3.600,00 €
  4. 1 year: € 5,000.00 instead of 7.200,00 €

Obviously for sponsorships longer than 1 month, acceptance of the quote means that the price remains unchanged even if the list value is increased.

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