Do you attend the University of Enology or any other university? Get to know Amazon Prime Student? I am a customer Amazon Prime for practically as long as Amazon Prime has existed. Living on an island in the middle of Lake Iseo where not even cars circulate, Amazon is now absolutely necessary. All home deliveries are absolutely necessary! My subscription, however, started when I lived in the city or, more generally, on the mainland: that's where Amazon really comes into its own. An example? Last Monday was my mum's birthday, I wanted to go down to Romagna to see her but I didn't because I'm waiting for my Wine Wedding invitations to be delivered: I wanted to give her her invitations personally! So I postponed my 'Romagna expedition' until next week! At this point I wanted to send her a little present at home... and on Friday afternoon I got a strategic inspiration: I'm giving her a small shoulder bag to wear for my wedding (and more!).

amazon prime student

It must be said that this bag from Ira del Valle I have already given it to myself in the pink and pearl milk colour variant and I knew she liked it. After all, it's delightful, in full-grain, raw-cut cowhide leather with elegant finishes and all the quality of Made in Italy... and the price... it's practically a gift (after all, it's very small, it fits the essentials)! So, having chosen the colour from the 8 available, on Friday 26 June at 22:53 I placed the order on Amazon. I know, I know... it was almost Saturday and Mum's birthday was on Monday 29 June... but what can I do if I had a delayed inspiration? Luckily there is Amazon Prime and I mean it: I chose to send her a gift pack and for just €2.99 surcharge they made her a beautiful, very neat red package and printed her a card with the text I had written to wish her a happy birthday. However, the magic is something else: the bag was delivered to her at 11 a.m. on Sunday 28 June, i.e. one day before her birthday! Amazon Prime delivers on Sunday... I can be moved????

And so today, as a happy and satisfied customer once again of the Amazon Prime service, I decided to report that If you are a university student and sign up for Amazon Prime Student before the end of the month, you are entitled to a 10€ discount code, the first 90 days are FREE and after that the subscription will cost you only 18€/year (50% discount on Prime)! Wonderful, isn't it?

With Amazon Prime Student you will have:

  • Free unlimited express shipping at no extra cost (and when I say fast, they are really fast)!
  • Hundreds of films and TV series streaming on Prime Video (I don't watch TV, but don't take Netflix and Prime Video away from me)!
  • Exclusive offers for studentsFor example, you can buy my book "How to become a Sommelier"with the culture bonus!
  • Over 2 million songs streamed with Prime Music without advertising (I'm now an Alexa addict... how could I give up that clever little speaker that lets me listen to all the music I want without getting up from my desk or the sofa because I just have to talk to it?).

If you'd like to try Amazon Prime Student click here: now you can live as Prime while paying as a student! 🤩

As always, I hope I have been helpful,

cheers 🥂


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