Those who have known me for years know three things about me with absolute certainty. The first is that I spent several years, when I lived in my delightful little flat in the centre of Ravenna, writing the most profound or idiotic thoughts of the evening on the bottles I drank with Marco every sacrosanct evening... also depending on how much tagliatelle we had eaten. The second is that I am not a fan of 'holy days' and Valentine's Day in particular because for a couple as I understand it every day should be Valentine's Day. Every day should be good to dedicate a little thought to each other, to rediscover ourselves in love or not to get lost. The third is that as a matter of principle, here on the blog I avoid writing about wineries with which I have had dealings, except for a taste in a group tasting. Yet today I have decided to break these last two 'rules' and write a post dedicated to the Feast of Valentine's Day and to thecustomised wine label by Three Gems Estatewinery for which I have developed a wonderful e-commerce that you can see HERE.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I actually thought of writing three bottles, with three different phrases, to dedicate them to the three men I am in love with: my dad, my best friend Fabrizio, and my boyfriend Davide. Well, this last one we'll drink together at home... and if the electrician comes by 'in a hurry' as I hope he will, I'll cook something good too! ? This is one of those times when when I think of people, even those dear to me, and I can't find the words (yes, it happens to me sometimes too...), so I have chosen three different phrases for three different wines... designed especially for those who will receive the bottle. Maybe they will inspire you as they have inspired me!

See, in the end I am not talking about wine... but I am talking about packaging! Even the eye wants its part, especially in a bottle designed to make a gift or which stands on the shelf of a wine shop and must stand out among a thousand others! In addition, come on, let's stop being such know-it-alls and being scandalised if one is not a wine expert: we all started somewhere and even those who do not know how to sing the praises of a bottle like a sommelier have the sacrosanct right to make a good impression... perhaps starting with the presentation! A note of merit then is the choice of the Perpetual pencil: as beautiful and customisable as the labelThe 80% is made from recycled graphite and therefore no trees are cut down to produce it! My only prejudice was the type of writing: I thought it was hard and too clear... and not even comfortable! Well I was wrong! In fact, it writes beautifully, the colour is easy to read and the square side prevents it from rolling away everywhere... in short, I am so in love with it that it has a permanent place in my bag!

Personalised wine label: dedicated to my dad

'Whatever our souls are made of, mine and yours are made of the same thing -Emily Brontë'

For my dad I chose bubbly... because we just finished our first sparkling wine guide 500 BOLLE IN 500 and in a few months we will start preparing for the 2019 edition!

customised wine label


Personalised wine label: dedicated to my best friend

"The most important encounters are already arranged by the souls before the bodies even see each other - Paulo Coelho".

I chose still white wine for him because he loves eating first courses, often dressed with vegetables, especially broccoli, and this wine is absolutely perfect!

three gems estate


Personalised wine label: dedicated to my fiancé

"For if meeting remains magic, it is not to miss the real fairy tale - Massimo Gremellini".

For Davide and me, I chose the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Riserva... partly because it is the wine I like best from this winery... and partly because Davide also prefers red wines! OK, I admit it... I've already poured myself a glass... but it's 6.10pm now and in a few hours I can say it's already 14 February, can't I?

customised wine labels

Throughout Valentine's week there is a competition you can enter to win one of these three bottles with no obligation to buy! How about taking advantage of it? Well, while you're waiting to hear if you've won a bottle I'd buy it... we all have someone to love to make a sweet dedication to, don't we? Click HERE to enter the free Valentine's Day competition Toast with Tenuta Tre Gemme or Click HERE to discover the Dedica line on sale on the beautiful e-commerce that, I will never tire of repeating, I developed ?



P.S. Thanks as always to my partner who provided me with the splendid Sony RX100M4 (which you can buy on Amazon on offer for only €729 instead of €1,050 by clicking HERE) with which all the photos in this article were taken!

P.P.S. Have you already bought your copy of my Sparkling Wine Guide 500 Bubbles in 500 Ed. 2018?


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