As you probably know this year is the first edition of my 500 Bubbles in 500 sparkling wine guide: the best 500 tastings recounted in 360 colour pages. Therefore, for the Vinitaly 2018I decided to make a tasting map completely dedicated to the best Italian sparkling wines. My aim was to encompass various types, wines even of the same denomination but completely different from each other, favouring above all wineries outside the usual mental maps.

Of course, in my sparkling wine guide there are also renowned labels such as the splendid Franciacorta DOCG Extra Brut Riserva 'Cuvée Anna Maria Clementi' or the magnificent Trento DOC 'Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore' by Ferrari, but I'm sure you already know these names and you definitely don't need me to look them up at Vinitaly 2018! 😄Mind you, some of the wineries mentioned make amazing reds... so don't stop at bubbles! Case in point? The "Teratis' by La Riccafana, the "Vigna del Generale' by Fattoria Nicolucci, l'"Amarcord d'un Ross' by Treré, The Barbera d'Alba 'The four white rabbits' of Gabriele Scaglione... or wonderful rosés: try the Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo by Tenuta Tre Gemme or the 'Sogno di Volpe' by Cantina Ariano! And the whites? Woe betide you if you don't taste the Greco di Tufo by Rosso Vermiglio or the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Stefano Antonucci of Santa Barbara! Then there are the raisins... and there a world opens up... how about starting with a Passito Liberty of Moscato di Trani by Franco di Filippo and continue with the Forget-me-not by Leone Conti? If you don't pass by these cellars God Bacchus will come down on you and turn all the wine in your house into Tavernello, watch out! 😄😄😄

I created this 'Infographic' with the Vinitaly 2018 tasting map with the aim of giving you an easy tool that you can print at home, fold into 4 parts and take with you wherever you go! I've also left some space for you to write down the wines you've tasted or the wineries you plan to visit... so that you don't have to walk around with 200 little notes! What do you think, do you like it? I really put a lot of work into it... now to thank me how about buying my '500 Bubbles in 500' Sparkling Wine Guide? During the days of Vinitaly, I decided to fill my 500 with guides... and hand-deliver them directly to you in Verona! If you like, I'll be happy to make a dedication on the front page! And only for all 4 days, if you use the coupon code VNYLY18 in the shopping cart at the time of purchase, the guide will cost only 20 € (no shipping costs, if you are not at Vinitaly I can send it to you at a cost of €4.90 by SDA courier)! Just select as shipping method 'Hand delivery in Verona during Vinitaly'!

If you want to have a toast with me at Vinitaly, see you around... leave me a comment below to agree on where and how! I will be spinning like a top throughout Vinitaly, but I am based in Abruzzo at Tenuta Tre Gemme's stand (Hall 12, Stand E3-7) so there is a good chance I will see you there at the opening or closing of Vinitaly on the various days!

A hug and happy Vinitaly 2018😍🍷.


P.S. For logistical information for your visit to Vinitaly 2018, I recommend you consult this link with information for visitors to the official site!

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