Several years ago I had already collected so many phrases on wine by celebrities in an article, but today I want to present it again in a tidier and more wine aphorisms fun. If you are looking for wine quotes to write your own dedications and greetings cards for winelovers, I suggest you consult the index below to choose your topic as there are over 200 in this article wine aphorisms. I hope you find the perfect wine quote for you! And if you have any other wine quotes to suggest, you can write me a comment at the bottom of the page: I will be happy to enrich this collection so that it is available to all wine lovers! Index:

    1. Phrases on wine and love
    2. Phrases on wine and friendship
    3. Phrases on wine and war
    4. Phrases on wine and food
    5. Funny wine phrases
    6. Phrases on wine and women
    7. Poetic sentences on life and wine
    8. Phrases on the future and wine
    9. Phrases on dreams and wine
    10. Health and wine sentences
    11. Phrases on wine and teetotalers
    12. Historical phrases on wine
    13. Sentences on happiness and wine
    14. Generic wine aphorisms

Famous phrases about wine

1. Phrases on wine and love

1) 'We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine'. Eduardo Hughes Galeano

2) 'Unspoken love is like wine kept in the bottle: it does not quench the thirst'. George Herbert

3) 'The soft sound of a cork being uncorked from the bottle has the sound of a man opening his heart'. William S. Benwell

4) 'I dined on a small piece of flatbread, but drank greedily from an amphora of wine; now the beloved zither I touch softly and sing love to my tender maiden'. Anacreon

5) 'Wine adds a smile to friendship and a sparkle to love'. Edmondo De Amicis

6) 'Wine is like man: you will never know to what extent you can esteem or despise, love and hate it, nor how many sublime deeds or criminal acts it is capable of'. Charles Baudelaire

7) 'Wine prepares hearts and makes them more ready for passion'. Ovid

8) 'Or even just leave a kiss in the cup, and I won't ask for wine'. Ben Jonson

9) 'In water, one sees one's own face; but in wine, one sees the heart of another'. French proverb

10) "It lends wine to the hearts and makes them more ready for passion: thoughts fade away; in the much wine all pain is tempered." Publius Ovidius Naso.

11) 'A woman and a glass of wine satisfy every need; he who does not drink and kiss is worse than dead'. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

12) “But between wine and love, I wouldn't know which is the reason to choose: in my opinion, so as not to do injustice to things of equal value, I would say that it is better to choose one and the other, than to choose neither. Lord Byron

13) "Here is the happiness of life, Love and wine equally we must have near". Aleksandr Sergeevič Pushkin

14) 'I am beauty and love; I am friendship, your comfort; I am the one who forgets and forgives: the spirit of wine'. William Ernest Henley

15) "Thy love spreads its vigour throughout my whole being, like a wine". Paul Verlaine

16) 'Wines drinkable above all with love are like beautiful women, different, mysterious and fickle, and every wine like a woman must be taken. It always begins by refusing with gentleness or rudeness, according to temperament, and is only granted to those who aspire to its soul, as well as its body. She will belong to the one who discovers her with delicacy'. Luigi Veronelli

17) 'And where there is no wine, there is no love; nor any other delight have mortals'. Euripides

18) 'Wine adds a smile to friendship and a sparkle to love'. Edmondo De Amicis

19) 'Or even just leave a kiss in the cup, and I won't ask for wine'. Ben Jonson

20) 'Unspoken love is like wine kept in the bottle: it does not quench the thirst'. George Herbert

21) "His lips drink water, but his heart drinks wine".Edward Estlin Cummings

2. Phrases on wine and friendship

22) 'Great is the fortune of him who possesses a good bottle, a good book, a good friend'. Molière

23) 'When you are happy drink to celebrate. When you are sad drink to forget, when you have nothing to be sad or happy about, drink to make something happen'. Charles Bukowski

24) 'A bottle of wine implies sharing; I have never met a wine lover who was selfish'. Clifton Fadiman

25) 'I drink to make others interesting'. George Jean Nathan

26) 'Water divides men; wine unites them'. Libero Bovio

27) 'I like everything old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines'. Oliver Goldsmith

28) 'Wine adds a smile to friendship and a sparkle to love'. Edmondo De Amicis

29) "Drink the wine for the cup is the face of the friend". Mahmūd Shabistarī

30) “The miracle of wine is to make man what he should never cease to be: man's friend'. Ernst Engel

31) 'By drinking, men improve: they do good business, win cases, are happy and support their friends'. Aristophanes

32) 'Wine and man make me think of two wrestlers who are friends, who fight each other relentlessly and continually make peace. The vanquished always embraces the victor'. Charles Baudelaire

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3. Phrases on wine and war

33) 'The only weapon I tolerate is a corkscrew'. Jean Carmet

34) 'Water divides men; wine unites them'.. Libero Bovio

4. Phrases on wine and cooking

35) 'Drinking pure wine calms hunger'. Hippocrates

36) 'Wine has a mellow fullness that fills palate and soul with flavour'. Antonio Fogazzaro

37) 'Putting water in wine is minting false currency'. Michel Bouvier

38) "A big drinker was offered grapes for dessert during lunch." Thank you,' he replied, pushing his plate away from him, 'but I am not in the habit of taking my wine in pills'".
(Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)

39) “Wine is the milk of old men'. Plato

40) “Good wine ruins the purse. Bad wine spoils the stomach'. Spanish proverb

41) 'Wine should be eaten, it is too good just to be drunk'. Jonathan Swift

42) 'Wine is the intellectual part of a meal, meat and legumes are but the material part'. Alexandre Dumas

43) 'A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine'. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

5. Funny wine phrases

44) 'If wine were not an important thing, Jesus Christ would not have dedicated his first miracle to it'! Anonymous

45) "Of course, God was really generous to have given wine to man. If I were God, I would have kept the recipe for myself. Théophile Gautier

46) "Jesus turned water into wine. No wonder twelve disciples followed him everywhere". Coluche

47) 'Quick, bring me a glass of wine, so that I can wet my mind and say something intelligent'. Aristophanes

48) 'You are like wine: the older you get, the more corky you taste'. Luciana Littizzetto

49) 'My books are like water, those of great talents are wine. Everyone drinks water'. Mark Twain

50) “Remember that a bouquet of flowers is a very welcome gift, but a bottle of wine does not die after 6/7 days'. @alexa1163 (Twitter)

51) “If God did not want us to drink, why did he make the wine so good?" Richelieu

52) “Does wine, then, have a longer life than we do? But we, frail human creatures, will take revenge by swallowing it whole. In wine is life'. Petronio Referee

6. Phrases on wine and women

53) 'He who does not love women wine and song, is only a fool and not a saint'. Arthur Shopenhauer

54) 'We love young women, we drink aged wines'. Fragmentarius

55) 'Without Ceres and Bacchus Venus is ice'. Publius Terence

56) 'A woman and a glass of wine satisfy every need, he who does not drink and kiss is worse than dead'. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

57) "I have ten tattoos, I think. The most famous is the one that says 'Winona forever' from when I was engaged to Winona Ryder. I had it changed to 'Wino forever' (drunk forever), which seemed more appropriate for me'. Johnny Deep

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7. Poetic sentences about life and wine

58) 'Language is wine on the lips'. Virginia Woolf

59) 'Good wine is each time a symphony of four movements, performed to the rhythm of the seasons. The sun, the soil, the climate and the vines modulate the work, while the winemaker, as soloist, imparts his cadence'. Philippe Margot

60) "Wine and music were always the best corkscrews for me. Anton Chekhov

61) 'Fill your skull with wine before it fills with earth'. Nazim Hikmet

62) 'In the chalices of my meditation I drink only the [...] of blond wine; I drink it only with my eyes, closing them, and life passes like a distant sail'. Fernando Pessoa

63) 'How one remembers the taste of wine when the glass and its colour have been lost'. Kahlil Gibran

64) "Life is so bitter, wine is so sweet; so why not drink?" Umberto Saba

65) 'The wine of youth sometimes becomes not clear with the passage of time, but turbid'. Carl Gustav Jung

66) "The sparkling wine on the palate lingered swallowed. Pressing into the vat bunches of grapes. The warmth of the sun, that's what it is. It's like a secret caress that awakens memories". James Joyce

67) 'A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world'. Louis Pasteur

68) 'The beauty of wine is that, for two hours, your problems are someone else's'. Pedro Ruiz

69) "Wine is one of the greatest signs of civilisation in the world. Ernest Hemingway

70) 'Reality is an illusion that occurs due to the lack of wine'. Anonymous

71) 'Always ready for a new idea and an old wine'. Bertold Brecht

72) 'Wine loves and seduces me only to the point where its and my spirit engage in friendly conversation'. Herman Hesse

73) 'Good wine is each time a symphony of four movements, performed to the rhythm of the seasons. The sun, the soil, the climate and the vines modulate the work, while the winemaker, as soloist, imparts his cadence'.. Philippe Margot

74) 'Wine is bottled poetry'.. Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson

75) 'If we drink temperately and in small sips, the wine will drip into our lungs like the sweetest morning dew'. Socrates

76) 'Those red wine moments, time slowing down, improbable words, many eyes and then laughter'. Fabrizio Caramagna

77) 'Three quarts of moon and a quart of wine sometimes divide the time delightfully'. Fabrizio Caramagna

78) 'In water, one sees one's own face; but in wine, one sees the heart of another'. French proverb

8. Phrases about the future and wine

79) 'Nothing makes the future so rosy as contemplating it through a glass of Chambertin'. Napoleon Bonaparte

80) 'We will immerse our thirsty souls in the restorative wine of the past'. Mark Twain

81) "There is no one who knows the secret of the future. What you need is wine, love and rest at will'. Omar Ḫayyām

9. Phrases about dreams and wine

82) "But what intoxication can the most famous wine give, if there is not at least the weary shadow of a dream in it?" Corrado Govoni

83) 'Stretch the bottle towards the light; you will see that your dreams are always at the bottom'. Rob Hutchison

84) 'Wine is sometimes a ladder of dreams'. Antonio Machado

85) 'What one looks for in wine: beauty, colour, culture, pleasure and dream'.. G. Jacquenot

10. Health and wine sentences

86) 'I enjoyed great health until late in life, because every day since I can remember I consumed a bottle of wine, except when I did not feel well. Then I consumed two bottles'. Bishop of Seville

87) 'Wine is to the soul what water is to the body'. Mario Soldati

88) 'Wine is the healthiest and most hygienic of drinks. Louis Pasteur

89) 'A study points out that wine is good for the heart. I can confirm this, because after a few glasses I love everyone'.. Anonymous

90) 'Wine is a wonderfully appropriate thing for man if, in health as well as in sickness, one drinks it purposely and with measure, according to the individual constitution'. Hippocrates

91) 'Wine does not deserve to be demonised or sanctified. It is not a medicine, although it is the origin of all medicine. Perhaps it is more a lesson in life'. Jacques Touchon

11. Phrases on wine and teetotalers

91) 'There is nothing wrong with sobriety in small doses'. John Ciardi

92) 'No poem written by water drinkers can please or live long'. Quinto Horace Flaccus

93) 'Be temperate in your drinking: too much wine keeps no secrets nor does it keep promises'. Miguel de Cervantes

94) "It is not true that a man is transformed by getting drunk. It is when he is sober that he is different!" Thomas De Quincey

95) 'Do not trust a person who does not like wine'. Karl Marx

96) 'No one is more dangerous than a man without ideas, the day he has one will go to his head like wine to a teetotaler'. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

97) 'He who does not get drunk because he naturally hates wine, deserves praise for being sober'? Ugo Foscolo

98) 'Wine is the drink of the gods, milk the drink of girls, tea the drink of women, and water the drink of beasts'.John Stuart Blackie

99) "It is not true that a man is transformed by getting drunk. It is when he is sober that he is different!" Thomas De Quincey

100) 'The teetotaler: a weakling who gives in to the temptation to deny himself a pleasure'. Ambrose Bierce

12. Historical phrases about wine

1o1) 'The land is only as good as those who work it'. Marcus Aurelius

102) “Drinking a glass of wine is like tasting a drop of the river of human history'. Clifton Fadiman

13. Phrases on happiness and wine

103) 'Happiness, like a fine wine, must be savoured sip by sip'. Ludwig Feuerbach

104) 'Give me books, fruit, French wine, good weather and some music outside the door, played by someone I don't know'. John Keats

105) "Et però credo che molto felicità sia agli homini che nascono dove si trovano i vini buoni.  Leonardo Da Vinci

106) “Friends, a glass of wine, serenity, a corner in a garden of flowers... I would not trade this joy for any other present or future joy. Hãfiz

14. Generic wine aphorisms

107) 'Be temperate in your drinking: too much wine does not keep secrets or promises.Miguel de Cervantes

108) 'Wine makes the wise man foolish and the foolish wise'. Carlos Ruiz Zafón

109) 'Wine is nothing but sunlight mixed with the moisture of the vine'.. Galileo Galilei

110) 'There are some wines that are better than others, that is a fact: but there are some wines that we loved one day because they were offered to us so generously. Pierre Sansot

111) 'Wine can be a better teacher than ink'.. Stephen Fry

112) 'When wine goes in, strange things come out'. Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

113) 'Unlike fashion designers or car makers, the winemaker remains at the mercy of nature. Since she has the final word, the first lesson to be learned is that of humility'. Henri Plouïdy

114) 'Wine is a kind of inner laughter that for a moment makes the face of our thoughts beautiful'. Henri de Régnier

115) 'Wine is one of mankind's greatest achievements, transforming a perishable fruit into something permanent'. Jean Arlott

116) 'The overwhelming power of wine penetrates man and spreads and distributes ardour in his veins'. Titus Lucretius Carus

117) 'Man owes it to wine that he is the only animal to drink without thirst'.. Pliny the Elder

118) 'Wine, like flying, was invented so that my mind could be elevated - to better see the world from above'.
Fabrizio Caramagna

119) 'The wonders of wine. In the space of a season it goes from the pure fire of the sun to the clear ruby colour of the bottle'. Fabrizio Caramagna

120) "God put the vineyard on the earth, and the devil put the man beside me". Walter Scott

121) 'To drink wine is to drink genius'. Charles Baudelaire

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