I admit, I am looking forward to the 49th AIS National Congress 2015 "Enotions in Milan', a truly unmissable event for the AIS Italia world. Speaking of which, I've been restricting my carbohydrates for almost 48 hours in the hope that my uniform jacket will close 😀

Beautiful title too Enotions in MilanAIS Lombardy is not a joke, it is a little bit emotion and a little bit oenological notions with an intriguing play on words... after all, it was enough for me to see the presentation of the Bergamo delegation's Level 1 course with the excellent course director and delegate Roberta Agnelli to understand that AIS Lombardy is no joke! I was born in Faenza, did the Level 2 course in Ravenna (and many of us called it embarrassing), and then returned to Faenza (now Alta Romagna), where the quality of the course and its services was much better than in Ravenna thanks to delegate Roberto Montalti. But after attending the presentation of the 1st level course in Bergamo... well, I was left speechless by the organisation and care despite the fact that there were over 70 aspiring sommeliers present! The thing I liked most was the so-called Wine List, i.e. the catalogue of all the wines that will be tasted anonymously by the students during the lessons of the AIS Lombardy Sommelier Course for all 3 years. People, that's organisation! Everyone tastes the same things, all the wines come from the same warehouse... and the logistical costs are compensated by the discount that this system will be able to obtain from the wineries involved, who are assured of a purchase and publicity on the wine list (just think that the publicity also reaches those who will actually only do the first level, despite the fact that the wine will perhaps be served at the third level). My compliments therefore to Fiorenzo Detti, President of AIS Lombardia, who presented the course and made me want to go to the congress so much that I did not regret too much the fabulous #sfigatidelsabatosera evening that awaited me in Rome (is it possible that one does not have a shit to do for a month and ends up all in the same weekend? Grrrrrrr!!!!!) ... it was a real pleasure to meet him!

But back to us... I have this chronic habit of jumping from pot to pot, or rather say from barrel to barrel 😀

Milan is special for the AIS, because it is in the heart of this city, in the shadow of the Duomo spires, in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, that the Italian Sommelier Association finds its roots, when it was founded fifty years ago, on 7 July 1965. For Milan, the cradle of Expo 2015 and the great celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the AIS, it is also a thrill to host the 49th congress... (too bad it wasn't the 50th) indeed, aEnotion.

ais italia milan skyline

Milan Skyline on Porta Nuova where the Diamond Tower and The Mall are located

So we are -2 days away from the Invitation-only Press Conference to be held at The Mall in Milan for the presentation of the 2016 Vitae Guide to be followed by the 400 excellent wines awarded with 4 screws on the tasting guide... I can only tell you that I can't wait to attend *_* And above all I can't wait to see the Events District of Porta Nuova, between The Mall and the Diamond Tower... looking at this futuristic skyline I don't even feel like I'm in Italy...  Here is a link to the programme of the 49th AIS National Congress... if you haven't already put it on the agenda, I suggest you pay it a visit 😉

And I hope I don't get lost... because I'm already worried that the navigator didn't like the square I'm going to! Elisa and Sara, the girls from the MAGENTAbureau press office, have been super efficient in giving me directions, so theoretically I can make it... and I've also read that there's parking at The Mall... the problem is that I haven't figured out where The Mall is... OK, I'm leaving at dawn on Friday... just enough time for a haircut at the hairdresser's (Lorena Gondolini, my super-good hairdresser from Ravenna who also just had her birthday, so I'll take the opportunity to wish her a happy birthday, I miss her so much <3)

I will let you know and I promise a super-detailed account of each wine tasting 😉

See you on Friday and a hug!


P.S. for the weekend, why don't you prepare the legendary casoncelli alla bergamasca following my recipe HERE?

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