I know, you are reading the title "Men and women"and you're wondering whether you're on a wine blog or a lifestyle magazine... but after all, even those magazines talk about wine and cooking, so every now and then even I can go Off Topic! No, you won't find anticipations men and women today. However, if you give me a few minutes I promise I will steal a smile... shall we try? I was working on Facebook when a post by dear Alessandra Leone, owner of the Tenuta Ripa Alta winery, a brilliant and pretty girl of my age, caught my attention. The title is "10 things southern girls don't understand about northern girls" and published HERE on Cosmopolitan online.

In short, the article is nice and I subscribe to it all, although since I live in the province of Bergamo I have a bit of an identity crisis: is Ravenna from the north or the south? I mean, on paper, Emilia-Romagna is Northern Italy, but I can assure you that the people of Bergamo (and the women from Bergamo) make me feel like a DOC terrona. On Alessandra's wall a boy commented: but write 10 things that boys from the north don't understand about girls from the north, centre and south that I would need to?"

And hello, I couldn't resist so I interrupted for a moment the article I was writing on my dinner of Calvisius Caviar and Lanson Champagne at the Templari Restaurant in Brescia for you to have a little fun and reflect together! Ah boys, forgive me the cartoon on the cover. I swear, it's in an ironic key 😀

So what are the 10 things that boys from the north don't understand about girls from the north, centre and south? (Gianni and Tina's faces are really perfect for what follows...😆)

anticipations men and women today

Men and women: 10 things you guys just don't understand

1. You meet us directly at a place or halfway between us and you.

No, no and no! I will never tire of repeating it: the man MUST pick us up, whether he is from the north, the centre or the south. Or at least he must propose to do so: it is up to the intelligence of the woman in question to say that I will meet you there if you are really from Rome and have to pick us up in Milan to go for a pizza in Naples. Then I can also understand that a woman from the North is more autonomous than a woman from the North or the Centre-South, but basic gallantry must not be renounced. NEVER. And then do you really want to miss an extra half hour spent in our company?

2. You put us in second place to a car or a motorbike.

Alas, it unfortunately happens that you meet guys who are so obsessed with their cars or motorbikes that they put them in front of their girlfriends. I am convinced that at least once it has happened to every woman to meet such a man, who does not understand the difference between life partner and means of transport. Let's be clear, I also love driving and nice cars, but that doesn't make me monothematic. There are guys who spend afternoons polishing their cars and then don't care how their partner is. Others, on the other hand, ride hundreds of kilometres aimlessly on their motorbikes and then bother to do some to see their girlfriend. With one thing in common: that's all they talk about! Needless to say, in both cases the relationship is without a future, right?

3. You think your girlfriend is your mum.

Forgive me, mothers of sons: what I am about to say will perhaps (indeed certainly) not please you! The point is that once you give birth, you begin your subtle work against a happy couple future between your son and his partner. And over the years your work refines and creates disasters that in 9 out of 10 cases become incorrigible men. What is the problem? Simple, you get them used to having everything done and due. But where is it written that if we both work 10 hours a day, I as a woman must also take care of the shopping, the dinner, washing the dishes, tidying up, cleaning the house, washing and ironing? And above all, why must all this be taken for granted? A girlfriend is not the mum who has spoiled you through and through. Above all, a girlfriend is not a carer, but a travelling companion. Emphasised 10 times.

4. You want a girlfriend who is super groomed H24 and then you go out in sweatpants, with holes in your socks and improbable shoes.

That we women dress to please other women is a great truth. Just as it is a great truth that men see no more than 16 colours and women distinguish 16 million shades. Grooming oneself is fundamental within the couple because I find it a great help to the game of seduction when intimacy has been going on for years, but it must be on both sides. I mean, there's no way I'm going to wash myself, shave myself, do my make-up, straighten my nails, give myself at least three different creams... and as far as you're concerned I have to say thank you that at least twice a week you wash yourself. And shall we talk about those who hold it against you if you once arrived long and couldn't shave or do your hair, and then they cut their hair with a beard trimmer? No, come on, I don't want to rub it in....

5. You assess us by our size: of trousers, of bra, of shoes, of height....

One thing that has always bothered me is men's fixation on exteriority (even those mentioned in point 4). If you want to get rid of performance anxiety (work, sexual...) help us to get rid of performance anxiety (B-cup, C-cup, size 42, a metre and a cap... etc etc). So much attraction follows such inconsistent and subjective chemical laws that Beauty is actually the biggest bluff in history! We will both be more satisfied: anxiety is the mother of all negative performances. But above all, give us SINCERE compliments, we will be happy to reciprocate!

6. You consider us an object of property and not a person equal to you. With a variation: only you have friends and colleagues.

You may not believe it, but a girlfriend is not an object of property, but an individual capable of independent thought and action. So your partner may not agree with you, may do something you don't want to do, and above all may have girlfriends, friends and colleagues exactly like you. A great classic, male jealousy. That is, you can go out with your friends or colleagues and see nothing wrong with them, but your woman cannot go out with friends or colleagues who see all the evil in the world. Before she met you, your partner had a life and affections that were very important to her that have accompanied her over the years: do not ask her to give them up just because you are jealous, rather work on your self-esteem!

7. Your work is a priority, ours is not. With a variation: if we have a 'better' job than you, you are not pleased.

Here, this point is not your fault. From time immemorial we have been taught that it is the man who wears the trousers (and the money at home). And you are nothing but the worthy children of this cultural heritage. However, if it really bothers you that your partner does a more rewarding job than you, try to improve your position instead of belittling his. Of course, it is easier not to step out of your comfort zone and try to lower your partner's level than to try to raise your own... but would you really rather be two dissatisfied people than both seek professional fulfilment?

8. Do you really want to feel like a hero?

There are men who need to be first in a computer or playstation game to feel like superhumans or heroes. I know, every man has wanted at least once in his life to fight a criminal, a zombie or an extraterrestrial and feel super cool. I'll let you in on a secret: if you really want to be a hero, try waking up an hour early one morning, give your house a quick once-over, get ready, make your girlfriend breakfast, tidy up, leave and go to work, go shopping or go to the gym on your lunch break, come back late at night, do some cleaning, cook dinner, tidy up, spend time with your girlfriend, watch something on TV and have sex before bed. Exactly.

9. We like you, but we will never tell you.

There are exceptions and there is female emancipation. And probably, a dozen women in the world will tell you, without fear and without knowing your opinion, that they are interested in you. But out of 7 billion individuals, of which at least 4 billion are female, what are your chances of meeting one of those 10? If we really like a guy, rest assured: he will be the last to know. And we have become so used to disguising this that you will really struggle to notice. We kindly ask you to make our lives easier and try us shamelessly: if we are interested, good for you, and if we are not interested, you will like us better anyway because you will have offered a splendid rose to our self-esteem.

10. Flowers, flowers and more flowers.

Whether roses, orchids or pumpkin flowers, do not hesitate to give us flowers. Depending on the type of woman you are courting, you can give a cut flower, a flower to take care of or a flower to fry. In all cases, flowers are always very welcome gifts. So all you have to do is try to figure out what kind of woman you like and give her the right flower 😀

After this goliardic interlude I am back to being a wine food blogger. I hope I made you laugh for a few minutes... Thanks again Alessandra, Massimo and Roberto for inspiring me 😀

By the way, if you have something to add, leave me a comment! In your opinion, are there other things a man needs to understand about a woman and vice versa?

See you soon


11. Check the Christmas #wishlist periodically for possible wine-themed gifts to add to the flowers (in my case rare orchids 😀 )... mind you!


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