Before I tell you about the delicious Franciacorta wines I tasted at Vinitaly with Federico as guests of the La Montina winery, I want to make a small preamble aimed at encouraging you to make your dreams become your reality.

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This beautiful sentence encapsulates the meaning of Perlage Suite. I had several experiences before effectively starting this project that I carry in my heart more than anything else. You could tell me that they are very different experiences, yet they are the ones that have allowed me to work now with this versatility. Because after all I am a web designer who previously worked in a photographic studio and graduated as an A.I.S. sommelier after winning a dozen international literary awards and collaborating with various newspapers. In short, am I or am I not the portrait of the perfect Wine Blogger? 🙂 Luckily Federico at least understood that... to me it didn't seem feasible to actually be one! When I think back on it, I think all the events that have happened from May 2012 to today have been instrumental in getting me to this point. As Steve Jobs would say, I connected the dots and what seemed impossible to me to apply in practice yesterday, is now an integral part of what I do. And, quoting a truly inspiring book by Paolo Svegli, an NPL Society-recognised Business Coach, I DREAMED.

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I wanted to tell you these things because they are very important to grasp the whole meaning of the article on La Montina's Franciacorta wines. I saw myself in them: there is quality, usability and beauty in their work, just like in Perlage Suite. That is why I appreciated them so much.

But most of all, when I tasted these wines on Tuesday afternoon and when I started building the images in this article last night... I realised how much I love what I am doing. I am sure that my passion will touch the chords of yours and for this reason I hope to give you a little emotion and the desire to taste these extraordinary Franciacorta wines.


Extra Brut - 'the freshness of the colour of grass' The grapes come from vineyards located in soils of morainic origin that are particularly suited to producing berries with good acidity. On the palate it is dry and clean. The nose is broad, with typical floral hints of artemisia and fresh fruit. Ideal as an aperitif with oysters, fried lake fish and grana cheese. Blend: Chardonnay 75% and Pinot Noir 25%. Ageing: base wine made from cuvées of different vintages. Residual sugar: 4/5 grams per litre.

When I tasted this Franciacorta Extra Brut, I thought: 'Here, I would like to have a glass every day as an aperitif!' Really fresh, I find it perfect for a quality charcuterie board or for a fritto di paranza... and with exceptional value for money: you can buy it in the LA MONTINA OFFICIAL SHOP for just 17.49 €.


ROSE' MILLESIMATO EXTRA BRUT - 'The pure transparency of water' The Rosé Millesimato is made mainly from Pinot Noir grapes harvested in vineyards with an established history and quality. Soft pressing and the right amount of maceration time on the skins give this wine backbone and vinosity, tempered by the addition of Chardonnay. It has soft and abundant mousse. The marked notes of berries and ripe fruit are enhanced on the nose. Excellent as an aperitif, with cured meats, grilled meats, grana and blue cheeses. Grapes: Pinot noir 85% and Chardonnay 15%. Ageing: in bottle for at least 30 months on the lees. Residual sugar: 3/4 grams per litre.

When I tasted this Franciacorta Rosé Extra Brut, I admitted that although I do not like this type of wine (rosé in general just isn't in my cup of tea) it was really enjoyable. The olfactory notes of the Pinot Noir are by no means rude as is the case with many rosés and the fragrance is so intense as to give it that touch that makes it absolutely an opulent alternative to the more classic Lambrusco with gnocco fritto and Mortadella Bolognese! Good value for money here too: you can buy it in the LA MONTINA OFFICIAL SHOP for just €22.50.


BRUT -'The warm embrace of the sun' Elegance and versatility. In short, a Franciacorta Brut suitable for every occasion. This cuvée is the result of two different crushings: the first, soft using the Marmonier vertical press and the second using classic lung presses. Two different vintages contribute to maintaining homogeneity in quality over time. The pleasant hints of fresh fruit and floral notes make it a good companion for fish first courses. Excellent as an aperitif. Grapes: Chardonnay 85% and Pinot Noir 15%. Ageing: base wine composed of cuvées from different vintages. Sugar residue: 7/8 grams per litre.

When I tasted this Franciacorta Brut I couldn't help but make a direct mental comparison with Ca' del Bosco's Cuvée Prestige. OK, those who know me know that I am not a fan of this winery... Too much marketing, too much packaging, too little wine. However, the Cuvée Prestige Ca' del Bosco, at least on paper, is certainly not a base wine as it matures for at least 28 months on the lees! That's why I shouldn't compare them... but I can't resist... La Montina's Brut costs significantly less than Ca' del Bosco's Brut (around €24) but the quality is certainly not inferior... on the contrary! You can buy it in the LA MONTINA OFFICIAL SHOP for just 17.49 €.


SATEN -'The elegant emotions of moonlight' The Chardonnay-only grapes for this wine come from our best vineyards located towards Lake Iseo and benefit from its microclimate. Pressing is done softly and fermentation in barriques gives the wine elegance, finesse and notes of vanilla. The straw colour varies in tone according to the vintage. On the nose, hints of tropical fruit, acacia and lime. In the mouth a pleasant silky sensation. Ideal accompaniments are delicate first courses, fish and white meats. Grapes: Chardonnay 100% (30% does wood). Ageing: Chardonnay base wine made from cuvées of different vintages. Sugar residue: 7/8 grams per litre.

Here a premise is necessary... I do not like Satén wines... I have never loved them. However, I also found this Franciacorta Satén enjoyable: softer and less acidic, I find it perfect for those approaching the world of Franciacorta and not yet 'ready' to appreciate a Brut or Extra Brut. I find it perfect with risottos, both meat and fish, which, thanks to the characteristic mantecatura of butter and Parmesan cheese that lends a marked tendency towards sweetness and at the same time savouriness, blend well with the softness and silky effervescence of this wine. You can buy it in the LA MONTINA OFFICIAL SHOP for just 20.00 €.


MILLESIMATO BRUT - 'The thousand-year history of the vine' Made from grapes harvested only in the best vintages, it combines the elegance and finesse of Chardonnay with the structure and vinosity of Pinot Noir It has soft mousse with a continuous, fine perlage. The olfactory sensations offer hints of honey, captivating aromas of yellow-fleshed fruit and a slight toastiness. In the mouth, it has good acid verve with fullness and savouriness. It enhances each flavour without overpowering it, combining well with all dishes. Grapes: Chardonnay 60% and Pinot Noir 40%. Maturation: In bottle for at least 38 months on the lees. Sugar residue: 7/8 grams per litre.

Here I started to get excited. Of rare elegance, it has buttery notes that make it perfect with all goose dishes. I could drink it endlessly... I would say that this wine can deservedly become the symbol of Perlage Suite: opulent and fine, skilful and innovative.  For its quality, I find the price a real gift: you can buy it in the LA MONTINA OFFICIAL SHOP for just €22.50.


RESERVE BAIANA PAS DOSE' -'The value of our land' Only the careful selection of the vineyards, the best grapes, soft crushing and woods with the most balanced toasting allow the birth of a Riserva. After fermentation in the bottle, it is periodically tasted to confirm its excellence, finding its fulfilment in the more classic and natural Pas Dosé version. With great personality, elegant and enveloping on the nose, complex on the palate, it pairs perfectly with important dishes. Grapes: Chardonnay 55% and Pinot Noir 45%. Ageing: in bottle for at least 60 months on the lees. Residual sugar: 1/2 gram per litre.

What can I say except that it is a spectacle? For the first time I found something worthy of the Gatta Family's Arcano, it had been exactly one year since I had experienced such emotions in front of a Franciacorta! I would suggest it with an important first course based on a white game ragout (duck, hare...), but it certainly also makes a splendid impression with a fatty fish such as eel or salmon. You can buy it in the LA MONTINA OFFICIAL SHOP for just € 34.00.


ROSE' DEMI SEC -'The seduction of donated roses' A wine of marked softness that began as an exercise in style almost by chance, it has now established itself as a pleasant reality. Obtained for the most part from Pinot Noir grapes left on the skins to enhance their colour and aroma. The flavour is typical of small red berries combined with the freshness and finesse of the Chardonnay that complements it. It goes well with fresh fruit, small pastries and delicately flavoured cheeses. Grapes: Pinot Noir 60% Chardonnay 40%. Ageing: in bottle for a minimum of 24 months on the lees. Sugar residue: 33/34 grams per litre.

Poor Franciacorta Rosé Demi sec! What a disadvantage it started at compared to the other wines: I don't like franciacorta demi sec and I love rosé wines even less! It was almost impossible for me to like it... and yet it convinced me! Really, I find it absolutely perfect with shellfish and I would choose it out of all to go with a dish that includes them... as the wonderful Annabelle suggested, it is perfect with a nice prawn with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar! Here too, the value for money is extraordinary: you can buy it in the LA MONTINA OFFICIAL SHOP for just 17.49 €.

packaging lamontina

 And this is Annabelle Rotter, a pearl of the La Montina winery! Of German origin, raised in France, she speaks perfect Italian with a truly delightful accent! She welcomed us with style, preparation and elegance and, although she had no voice, she entertained us with a passion and culture that struck me straight to the heart. I believe that key people like her are the real strength of wineries like this, and there should be at least one Annabelle in every winery. SHE LOVES WINE. SHE LOVES FRANCIACORTA. SHE LOVES HER COMPANY. That makes all the difference. And you can feel it. She took us on a wonderful trip and Federico and I ended Vinitaly in the most exceptional way: in excellent company, we tasted and toasted some excellent La Montina wines and were so satisfied that we can't wait to visit her in the winery in mid-April... hoping to lay the foundations for a wonderful collaboration of which we would be truly proud.

la montina villa baiana

Well... as soon as we visit the company I will also write an article about their location! I will just mention that in their catalogue I could see that they have a splendid contemporary art museum that also exhibits works by Remo Bianco, one of the undisputed protagonists of Italian art between the 1950s and 1970s, which they use for events at Villa Baiana.

I can't wait to visit this magical place and lose myself in history, art and wine! But above all, I can't wait to immerse myself, body and soul, in Franciacorta and its precious nectar capable of stealing the heart like the most beautiful woman.

Many thanks to Federico and Annabelle for a wonderful afternoon.

A hug,


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