How nice to relax a bit by writing on my beloved wine blog while enjoying a glass of (red) wine! I literally spent a week on fire, between the Economic History exam on 5 May, the Food and Wine Law exam (I got a 28 in both 🤩 🥳 ) this afternoon and in between a wonderful press tour in Tuscany that Maddalena Mazzeschi organised for me on my 36th birthday! Heck, when this blog was born I wasn't even 29 yet... how time passes! By the way... I still haven't told you what's in the goblet! A few weeks ago the good Federica of Aroma Wine Bar Enoteca in Tortona convinced me to tasting Sting's wines. Yes, that very Sting, earlier that of The Police! I am not a regular listener of Sting as a singer even though I recognise his talent, but as of today I am definitely a fan of his wines because I will tell you that I liked them beyond expectations. And I must say that I have listened to the songs to which he has dedicated his wines and I found them wonderful... is this the birth of a new love? 😍

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I know, I know... I never have huge expectations when it comes to the wines of celebrities because I have repeatedly tasted stuff that you humans... 🤢 🤮 but by now I trust Federica because so far he has only let me taste almost wonderful wines! Do you remember? In March I wrote this article on 3 classic method wines you should taste (one in particular crazy one!!) while in February I wrote this article on the Timorasso grape variety tasting Derthona (Ah, how I love Timorasso!!!). So when he proposed to taste Sting's wines as well, telling me they really deserved it, I accepted... and I'm really happy about it! 🥰

Tenuta il Palagio is something wonderful, at least from the photos I have seen in recent days. I hope to be able to visit it soon and why not, maybe even meet Sting in person while having a glass of 'Street casino'the only one of its tuscan wines - another Chianti - which I have not yet tasted! 😊

sting tuscan wines estate il palagio

The first wine I tasted was Sister Moon, Toscana IGT Rosso. Made from Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, it is aged 18 months in wood and 6 months in bottle before release. It is intense ruby red, transparent and consistent. On the nose it is intense, elegant and fine, with spicy notes of black pepper, cloves, bitter cocoa, walnut, black cherry under spirits, summer truffle, caldarrhea. In the mouth it is soft, fresh, structured and consistent. Long vanilla finish.

I have to say that this is the wine I liked the most, I found it really crazy and I am happy to have uncorked it for my dear Valentina's birthday. And what's brewing between me and her, I promise I'll tell you about it soon! 😍

sting tuscan wines estate il palagio

I mean, have you seen how lucky my husband is? Cappelletti (or casoncelli as he calls them from Brescia) stuffed of pumpkin are his favourites. And this variation of mine with goat's ricotta cheese, amaretti biscuits, cinnamon and 33-month Parmigiano Reggiano were nothing short of divine! A purée in Belgian butter from centrifuge cream, with sage and Mascia's (n.d.r. the butcher from Monte Isola) wonderful freshly browned bacon made this dish just too good! The aesthetics are also thanks to Valentina, who sealed them with me! It reminded me so much of Sundays with my grandmother, when Dad and I were around the table in assembly-line mode sealing the wonderful cappelletti she prepared! 🤤😍

'Message in a bottle' is another amazing wine, I really enjoyed it. I have put them in order of tasting, which is also the order of liking! It is made from Sangiovese 70%, Syrah 15% and Merlot 15% grapes and is a Toscana IGT Red. It has a beautiful bright ruby red colour with violet hues at the edges. The nose is intense, elegant and fine with notes of cherry, black pepper, dried hay and tobacco leaves. In the mouth it is fresh, quite savoury, smooth, consistent and very pleasant. It has an exceptional drinkability that does not make it disfigure even after a glass of Sister Moon! We paired it with spicy chicken wings with great success, which were to die for, but a fresh pasta al rolling pin served with a quintal of porcini mushrooms is still the death of it!

sting tuscan wines estate il palagio

The last wine I tasted was "When we dance', a Chianti DOCG 2019 made from Sangiovese 95%, Canaiolo and Colorino grapes. It matures 6 months in steel barrels and 3 months in the bottle before release. I was convinced by its pleasantness and extraordinary drinkability. It has an intense ruby red colour with purplish reflections at the edges, consistent. On the nose it is intense, complex and fairly fine, with notes of fresh red fruits, nutmeg and blood orange. in the mouth it is tannic, fresh, savoury and quite soft. Consistent and persistent, it increases salivation for several seconds.

Over the past few months I have tasted a lot of Chianti and I must say that I have found almost all of them very different, although I have identified the common thread of 'lightening up'. I paired Sting's When we dance with a delicious bruschetta of goat ricotta and caramelised figs. The caramelised figs are the ones Maddalena Mazzeschi gave me and they are delicious... too bad we already ate them all! I trust she will be nice enough to give me the recipe... 😋

sting tuscan wines estate il palagio

I will send an S.O.S. to the world
I hope someone receives my
I hope someone gets my message in the bottle

Walking this morning
I couldn't believe what I saw
One hundred billion bottles
Washed on the coast
It seems that I am not the only living being alone
One hundred billion castaways
Looking for a home

'Message in a bottle', Police 1979

Cheers 🍷


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