They are Chiara Bassiauthor of Perlage Suite: the Wine Blog Italian wine, in particular the sommelier education and the sparkling wines. Here you will find the best strategies for learning to sell your wine in Italy and abroad, the notes for passing the AIS examination and becoming a sommelier and my personal opinions on wine events, wine cellars and the most interesting wines in the world.

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Wine sentences

The most beautiful phrases, quotes, aphorisms about wine!

Does this wine taste corked?

My 3 simple tricks for no doubt!

Gifts for winelovers

Get inspired by my wine-themed gifts!

This wine blog is dedicated to those who follow a sommelier course and is looking for sommelier notes pdf to be consulted in paper format, which I am happy to have collected in this book which has sold thousands of copies and garnered rave reviews from aspiring sommeliers and winelovers. 😍

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