The Vinitaly 2022 is just around the corner and, like every year, I have prepared a little present for you (I hope you like it, I worked on it for two whole days!), namely the map of my tastings with the 72 wines that, in my opinion, you should not miss if you go to the Vinitaly Verona. I advise you to print this map on an A4 sheet with your printer (it is already in high resolution A4 format) and put it in a transparent envelope, so it won't get wet/dirty as you walk around the stands. I do this every year!

The wineries and wines you will find on the map are all tastings I have done recently, between the samples I received at home and the events I attended, such as those at Go Wine in Milan and the Slow Wine Fair in Bologna a few days ago (I will soon surprise you with two unusual and interesting articles!). Happy tasting! Below is the high-resolution map, at the bottom of the page you will also find the low-resolution one that weighs only 0.5 Mb!

Vinitaly 2022: My tasting map

Vinitaly 2022: Hall 1

Vinitaly 2022: Hall 2

Vinitaly 2022: Hall 3

  • Stand E4: Letrari (Trentino) - Trento DOC '976 Riserva del Fondatore' 2011
  • Stand E5: Cellars of the Vault (Emilia) - Spumante Lambrusco di Sorbara Rosso Reggiano 'Rubino del Cerro' s.a.

Vinitaly 2022: Hall 4

Vinitaly 2022: Hall 5

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Vinitaly 2022: Hall 6

Vinitaly 2022: Hall 7

Vinitaly 2022: Hall 8

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Vinitaly 2022: Hall 12

Vinitaly 2022: Castelvecchio Gallery

  • Stand 3: Tenuta Sant'Antonio (Veneto) - Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva DOCG " Lilium Est" 2010

Vinitaly 2022: Hall B

  • Stand A3: Setaro House (Campania) - Spumante Metodo Classico Caprettone 'Pietrafumante' s.a.
  • Stand A3: Rossovermiglio (Campania) - Sannio DOC Fiano 2020

Vinitaly: Palaexpo Pavilion

As every year, I hope I have inspired some great tastings, I love all these wines! If you would like to write me below in a comment if you already know any of these wines and, in case you will be tasting them at Vinitaly 2022, if you liked them. Remember to bring the map with you, I will too! And if you want to have a toast with me, I'm around both Monday and Tuesday, so feel free to write me on Instagram: I will be happy to meet you! ^_^

Cheers 🍷


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